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The Day Has Come…

Friends…the day has come…this will be my last post as a University of Scranton Blogger!!!

I did not anticipate how final this would feel, but it’s really happening. I’m moving on to the real world now!

I am feeling a bit nostalgic so I am going to list the things that I will miss most about the University of Scranton so that YOU may be able to enjoy it for me!

I will miss the late night study sessions with my roommates! It doesn’t sound fun, but procrastinating doing homework assignments and helping each other get back on track is pretty entertaining and fun. You’ll see!

I will miss our AMAZING maintenance staff. They are our family away from home if you think about it. They clean up after us, they know when we’re down and they do their best to make our day better!

I will miss our DELICIOUS FOOD! DeNaples third floor has some of the most amazing food that you will ever have! Do NOT take swiping for a meal for granted people!

I will miss our EXCEPTIONAL staff and faculty. I would be lying to you if  I said that I didn’t cry after leaving some of my professors. You will get to know each one on a new level throughout your years here.

I will miss my friends whom I call family now. It is hard to explain, but your friends that you make here experience everything with you and they are with you through thick and thin. Open yourself up to meeting new people!

I will miss this close nit community that I call HOME! Not where I breathe but where I love I live. Scranton is my home and forever will be my safe haven, my home.

During your time here as a student, take advantage of everything we have to offer. Bowling night outing with your dorm floor? Why not! Laser tagging with your major? Absolutely! Take advantage and go make some memories.

Leave this university with no regrets and I promise you, you did something right. Choose The University of Scranton if you want to make the memories of a lifetime with friends of a lifetime. Go find your family!

It has been a journey blogging for The University of Scranton and I am blessed to have had the opportunity to do so. If you have been with me since the beginning, thank you for your support! If you’re just joining, thank you for doing so and I hope you enjoy my posts!

Go forth and set the world on fire.

Signing out for the very last time, shedding multiple tears. God bless and have a Scrantastic life!

With Love,

Camille :)


Happy Easter and Welcome Back!

Hey y’all! Hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER!

This is the last break that we will have before the end of this semester! Time flies when you’re having fun…or studying a lot…

Although it’s getting close to the end of the semester, we still have A TON going on, on and off-campus!

The University of Scranton Programming Board is hosting a variety of events for students in the next few months!

USPB is one of, if not the largest, student run organizations with the purpose of sponsoring social, cultural, educational, and recreational events at the University of Scranton.

Some of these events include the USPB Mission and Identity: Pay It Forward for a Sustainable Scranton, the NYC trip which includes tickets for a broadway show (TBD), the USPB & CSA & RHA Rooftop Carnival and more!

There is never a dull moment here at the U! If you are a student at this prestigious university or you just want to be updated on the awesome events we have on campus, make sure to follow USPB on Twitter: @USPB

Staying social will allow you to stay up to date on what’s going on, on and off-campus.

USPB does an AMAZING job at satisfying the students needs year in and year out with educational events to just pure entertainment!

As a senior, I feel obliged to add that USPB also runs SENIOR WEEK and SENIOR FORMAL!

For those of you out there that aren’t familiar with Senior Week or Senior Formal, I will explain.

Senior Week includes events like BBQ’s, Game Show Night, and a Graffiti Party that only the graduating seniors are allowed to attend. The last day of Senior Week is our Senior Formal!

USPB has made it possible for us graduating seniors to come together one more time for a whole week to spend great quality time together and to have a chance to say goodbye.

I am SUPER excited for Senior Week and Senior Formal, but I am very sad to say goodbye. I won’t get sappy just yet, my farewell blog has yet to come. Prepare yourselves for some tears and some laughs, it’s going to be a good one!

Have a great day y’all!

Camille :)



Alright all you basketball fans out there! I am glad to announce that our Lady Royals got the amazing opportunity to host the NCAA first and second round tournament this passed weekend!

The Lady Royals overcame a 13-point deficit with less than 10 minutes to go and freshman forward Alexix Roman scored a career-high 30 points, including a free throw with five seconds left, in a wild 72-71 victory over Vassar College in an NCAA Division III Tournament second-round game on Saturday evening.

To read more on this amazing game, please click the link below:


We couldn’t be more proud of our Lady Royals as they worked their way in to the Sweet 16!

This Friday, our Lady Royals, 26-3, will go head to head with Montclair State University, 27-2, so please WISH THEM LUCK!

The game will be held in the Ferguson Recreation Center in New Jersey, so if you can, go out and support!


We may not have a football team but we do have an amazing basketball team led by talented coaches that always lead them to victory!

Our other sports, including Men’s and Women’s Soccer, the Swim Team and other teams, are well on their way to victories as well so keep the support up!

For those of you interested in athletics here at the U, please click on the link below to receive all of the information that you may need! Feel free to contact coaches, moderators and the athletes for any questions!


Until next time y’all!

Camille :)



Senior Game!

Today’s the big day!

We have a tradition here at the U where all of the seniors names on the Cheerleading Team, Dance Team and Men’s and Women’s Basketball team are announced. It’s a recognition of what they have done here at the U academically and athletically!

Unfortunately, my name will be called out today and it is a sad sad thing to accept. As a freshman in college you look forward to the day that your name is called out. Now, I’m dreading it!

The athletes parents are welcomed to join them as they walk out at the sound of their name. It is such a beautiful tradition we have here at the U!

Everyone on and off-campus are welcomed to come and join us at the Men’s Basketball game at 2 pm TODAY! Come support your Royals as they fight to advance in the league!

In other news, this weekend is our LAST Royal Overnights Program for the semester! So far, there have been an extensive amount of students who participated in the program and we couldn’t be happier!

Last Sunday, Father Rick (HE’S AWESOME!) welcomed the Royal Nighters with open arms, acknowledging them throughout our mass. I was super pumped to see just how many Royal Nighters came out to experience our mass here at The University of Scranton!

Today’s a great day people, so go out and enjoy the sun (FINALLY!!!)

Last reminder, the senior game is taking place today at 2pm in the Long John Center, so again please come out and support your Royals and say farewell to your seniors!

Camille :)

Royal Nights Overnight Program

This weekend we held our first Royal Nights Overnight program of the semester! 

Accepted students have the opportunity to attend The University of Scranton for two days to live the life of a Scranton college student.

They will have the opportunity to attend classes, eat in our dining hall, sleep in a residence hall and participate in social events including a movie outing, group dinners and more!

This is an amazing way to help students decide wether The University of Scranton is the right place for them.

Current students can sign up to host up to THREE Royal Nighters! I personally love to host prospective students in hopes of helping them choose The University of Scranton!

We serve as a guide and mentor while they are here and it is our job to show them the special aspects of the U.

Come and see what The University of Scranton has to offer you! We welcome you with open arms :)


I have met with a number of students ranging from first years to fourth years and they all have the same problem: what am I going to do when I get out of here?

Fret not my friends, because NO ONE KNOWS! You might find that your friends have their lives figured out for them, but trust me, not everyone does!

It’s important to have an idea as to what you want to do when you get out but don’t stress if it changes often.

I changed my major fall semester of my JUNIOR YEAR! I am happier than ever and so many doors have opened up for me! You have to stay positive and work for your goals!

The Career and Services Office does an AMAZING job of helping the students find a starting point for their future plans.

Take advantage of the help that is offered for you on-campus. They’re here to help!

On that note, I would like to leave you with the quote of the week:

“There is a name for every day in the week, someday is not one of them.”

Go out there and start following your dreams, not someday but TODAY!

Have a great week! :)



A New Day, A New Semester!

Welcome to the 2014 Spring Semester! Time flies when you’re having fun during syllabus week!

Last night we were hit with a HUGE snowstorm causing the University to close for the day for the safety of it’s students, faculty and staff.

We all know what that means…IT’S A SNOW DAY!!! Snow days are my favorite types of days!

It gives the students an opportunity to catch up on homework, run errands and bond with their friends over friendly snowball fights :)

Syllabus week is one of my favorite weeks…ever!

This week allows us to meet out professors, see what the class entails and what will be expected of us for the next couple of months.

Then we have the chance to decide if we want to continue pursuing that course.

It is imperative for a student to attend syllabus week before starting their Spring semester so they know EXACTLY what they are signing up for, so if you’re a student or a prospective student, make sure to always attend!

The syllabi that are distributed throughout the week are like our bibles and our guidelines to get through the semester.

The syllabus has everything that we may need including assignment due dates, project descriptions, course objectives and more.

Make sure to save your syllabi and make a calendar with all of the assignment due dates! I cannot express how much this has helped me in the past and even today!

The professors are required to have a syllabus available for the students so as to avoid any confusion regarding the details of the course. It’s your bible! Treat it with love and care :)

Intersession News

The Cheerleading Team competed at the UCA College Nationals in Disney this past month and got 6th in the nation in Open All-Girl!

The Dance Team competed in UDA College Nationals in Disney as well and they did a tremendous job! The crowd went wild with their hip-hop routine, it was a sight to see!

Great job ladies!

Stay safe and warm friends!

Camille :)



Welcome to Intersession!

Hello and happy new year! Hope this blog finds you all well!

Another semester down and one left to go! Crazy how time passes!

At this very moment, I am enjoying the beautiful view from my on-campus apartment at the U and life is great! Intersession officially started last week and so far so good!

At The University of Scranton we offer intersession during winter break for those students in need of  more credits after the fall semester. During this time, students can take courses on campus AND EVEN ABROAD!

Many sports teams also stay on-campus during intersession for practices and events such as the Men and Women’s Basketball team, the Swim Team, the Cheerleading Team and more.

The Cheerleading Team and the Dance Team are currently preparing themselves for their trip to UCA Cheer and Dance Nationals in Orlando, Florida next week!

They will be holding an open practice next Wednesday at 6pm in the John Long Center and ANYONE can come to watch and cheer on your Royals!

This Saturday the Men’s and Women’s Basketball Team will be going head to head with Juniata starting at 2pm for the Women’s game and 4pm for the Men’s game so come and enjoy!

This weekend is very important for the Women’s Basketball Team because it will be Coach Mike Strongs’ 800th career win!!!

He has been doing such an amazing job as the Lady Royal’s coach and we wish him and his team the best of luck for the 800th win!

Intersession is one of my favorite times of year, so come on out and enjoy it with me!

Have a great weekend y’all!

Camille :)




A Great Success!


As many of you may already know, this past weekend was Family Weekend!

There was an amazing turn out this weekend of family and friends here on campus. We couldn’t be happier with how every event, from Scranton’s Got Talent to Casino night, turned out!

Scranton’s Got Talent had the MOST attendees that we have ever had in years!  The crowd went wild with each performance that hit the floor!

We had performances by the Cheerleading Team, the Dance Team, Urban Beatz, LIVA Arts, Men and Women for Octaves and more!

Throughout Scranton’s Got Talent, the students and their parents had to opportunity to join in on fun challenges ranging from a karaoke sing off to a dance off!

The prize for the overall champion was a new KINDLE! Don’t you wish you were there?

Here are some pictures from this weekends events!

On to new business:

This past Sunday, the Student Government held their 9hr training session for this years Senate!

I am very pleased to say that I have the privilege of being the Senior Senator once again for the Class of 2014!

Our vigorous training session prepared us for this academic school year and the tasks that we WILL and ARE tackling day by day to make this University better for the students.

Training included talks by our advisor, Dean McShea, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, and by Dr. Carilli, the Vice President of Student affairs.

They were magnificent and spoke with eloquence, that it was difficult NOT to pay attention!

It was a great experience for our first year senators and for our returning senators. We are finally ready to rock and roll for this semester!

Keep a look out for your senators around campus!

Until next time folks!

Family Weekend!

Hey y’all!

Hope this blog finds everyone doing well!

This weekend is a HUGE WEEKEND here at the U!!!! Can you guess what it is? IT’S FAMILY WEEKEND!

This weekend is PACKED with fun activities for students and their parents to partake in.

There will be trivia games, entertainment, a rugby game in honor of breast cancer awareness.

Some of clubs that are providing entertainment for this weekend are the Urban Beatz Crew, the Dance Team and the Cheerleading Team.

We always look forward to these performances every year and I can’t wait to see what they have to bring this year!

The Cheerleading Team has been working hard at every practice to perfect their routine so get ready!

Family Weekend allows all students, especially the freshman to see their family for, possibly, the first time since the semester started.

It’s a great way for you families to see how you spend you time here at the U!

Make sure to try and go to any and every event that is offered to you this weekend!

I’ll be running around greeting families all day long so if you see me, come say hi!!!

The Rugby game is going to be EPIC so make sure to stop by and show your Royal support!

Get pumped and start preparing your trip up to The University of Scranton!

See y’all there! :)

Welcome Back!!!


This gal! I can’t express just how happy I am to be back on this wonderful campus of ours!

For those of you just joining, my name is Camille and I am currently a senior at the U. I am majoring in French and Francophone Studies and minoring in Italian.

I spent last semester studying abroad in Paris, France and then I completed a summer program in Florence, Italy.

I cannot express just how amazing this experience was and it was thanks to The University of Scranton that I got to make my dreams come true.

Studying abroad changed my life for the better in so many ways that it would take a week to tell you all!

Now I’m back on campus for my LAST FALL SEMESTER OF MY COLLEGE CAREER…EVER! It’s so frightening and exciting to think that in eight months the class of 2014 will officially become alumni!

Advice for the incoming freshman: Enjoy every minute of this high-speed roller-coaster that you are about to ride because before you know it, it’ll be over!

GET INVOLVED! It is so important for underclassmen to get involved on and off-campus at an early stage so at to make friends and connect with students in different majors, classes and so on.

At The University of Scranton you will find yourself in a way that you never thought possible. You will grow so much as a person and as a student that it will astound you!

Some activities on campus this week:

Freshman Senator Elections are just around the corner so get ready to vote freshman!

I have recently created a new sub committee to the Ignatius Awareness Committee, which is part of Student Government, called the Wolf Pack Committee!

Our objective is to increase the attendance of students at events on and off-campus. Our main focus for this semester is going to focus on the student section at sporting events. So come out and support!

More news to come next week!

Camille :)