Inspiration Comes in Many Different Forms

On Monday, September 20th, Father Gregory Boyle came to the University to give an amazing lecture about Homeboy Industries. Father Boyle is the founder and executive director of Homeboy Industries. He is an acknowledged expert on gangs, intervention and re-entry and today serves on the U.S. Attorney General’s Defending Childhood Task Force.

Homeboy Industries is an ex-gangster-run businesses, has been a 20-year-plus labor of love, and now Father Boyle is telling their stories. Homilies, tear-jerkers and even bursts of humor from the barrio families and felons he serves are collected in his new book, published in English and Spanish.

The room was packed way past its capacity with people wanting to listen to his amazing lecture and the inspiring words of these ex-gangsters. Seeing how these ex-gangsters, who were once incarcerated, stood in front of such a large group to speak about their experience and how they changed for the better was exhilarating. This lecture left the University community in awe and greatly inspired.

Personally, attending this talk made me appreciate my upbringing as well as the opportunities that I have graciously been given to excel in my studies for a brighter future. Unfortunately, many people in this world are not so fortunate and need our support.

Some activities:

There is a trip to the Bronx Zoo coming up and it’s only five dollars! This is a great chance for students who have never been to a zoo to go and check it out! My apartment mates and myself are taking advantage of this trip and going together as a family!

Many Scranton teams are doing the 5 k run up at Nay Aug Park for different organizations, like the Ronald McDonald fund for example. The Ronald McDonald House program provides a “home-away-from-home” for families so they can stay close by their hospitalized child at little or no cost.

More to come in the next week! Keep calm and study on!


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