Presidential Elections and Midnight Madness!

This has been an important week here at the U!

Former President Bill Clinton was campaigning for President Obama in Scranton Prep on Monday November 5th. Tickets were free and available to students online!

This was a great opportunity for the students and for the community to be involved and informed of the Presidential Election.

Scranton Prep, which is right down the street from the U, was packed with people of all ages eager to hear what the former president had to say.

All in all it was a great experience to be able to see and hear Bill Clinton in person for the first time!

On campus, we have had events to bring the students together to watch the Presidential Elections, which is KEY in keeping students informed.

This is CRUCIAL because this is their future that will ultimately be at the hands of the next elected president.

Other News:


The Student Government is hosting MIDNIGHT MADNESS…TONIGHT! This is one of my favorite events on campus because of how much fun is to be had!

Midnight Madness is a pep rally where the Fall sports are introduced along with the athletes.

This is a time for the team to inform the students about the games that are coming up and to gain support from fellow students.

There are prizes, performances, games and much more. The performers, such as the Dance Team, UBC, and the Scranton Cheerleaders, have been working hard for tonight.

I can’t wait to go!

Donald Castellucci 14′, the chair of the Ignatius Awareness Committee in Student Government, has also been working hard to make this event a success!

We’re all excited to see what awaits us! For students on campus, arrive around 9:45pm and be prepared to have fun at 10pm!

See ya there!

Camille :)

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