Dead Week!!!

Hoping everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!

Thanksgiving break started last Tuesday for the University students, staff and faculty.

We had a couple of days off of school to spend time with family and friends!

This also gave us an opportunity to refresh ourselves before…FINALS!

They’re almost here and it’s super¬†nerve-wracking!

Next week is Dead Week!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name is a week where teachers refrain from giving exams so that the students have more time to focus on studying for finals.

Take advantage of this time to STUDY STUDY STUDY!

Tips on how to prepare for FINALS:

1.  Find a study room! Thanks to the new Loyal Science Center, there are so many new study rooms, with great views if I may add.

2. Eat breakfast to get your mind started bright and early!

3. Study with friends that will not distract you, but instead push you to focus. Personally, I get more studying done with friends than without!

4. DO NOT CRAM THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR FINAL!!! This is imperative for students to understand. Cramming is never the answer. Study and you’ll get great results!

5. Finally, SLEEP!!! Do not deprive yourself of sleep because your mind can’t work under sleep deprivation. Stay healthy kids!

Don’t let finals stress you out, instead, embrace them!


I’ll admit, it brings tears to my eyes.

Until next time!

Camille :)

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