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Hello again amazing readers of mine!

As finals draw closer, students become antsy and anxious. BREATHE! This too shall pass! Good luck on exams everyone!

Many students have an interest in studying abroad, but only a few really go for it.


I have heard amazing feedback from students that have studied abroad, like Nicole Jensen 13′ who went to Australia last Fall semester.

She had the time of her life exploring Australia while still studying and meeting new friends.

This is a great opportunity to study and travel, learning about different cultures along the way.

I am studying abroad in Paris, France next semester and I couldn’t be more excited.

Michael Simons, the study abroad director, is amazing at helping the students organize their time abroad.

The University of Scranton study abroad program helps their students with their transition from studying in the US to going abroad.

I was very nervous in the beginning, but after speaking with several students that have studied abroad, I have become more comfortable with travelling to a foreign country to study.

The programs that Scranton uses for it’s students studying abroad are AMAZING at aiding the students in anything they might need help with.

Please take advantage of this program as I am currently doing and EXPLORE THE WORLD!

The world is literally at your fingertips. So go on an adventure!

I will be posting while abroad so stay tuned for updates from city of love, Paris, France!

Au revoir mes amis!

Camille :)

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