The Long Stretch

I can’t believe that it is WEDNESDAY ALREADY!!!

This week is full of books, studying, reading, writing, typing and so much more.

Note to the PARENTS: Here at the University of Scranton we give you guys a chance to send your children Care Packages!

Care Packages include healthy snacks, hot teas, and an inspirational letter written by the one and only, YOU! These packages really lift the students’ spirit during finals so send them!

I am currently working on a play for Intro to Theatre! Tomorrow my group and I will be preforming our play called Scranton’s Finest in class as part of our final.

I will admit that I am pretty nervous! Hopefully everything goes well!

My friends and I are also having a study party tomorrow with relaxing tea and homemade cookies to relax us.

Finals are almost done and then I’m off to Paris! Don’t worry, you’ll hear from me when I’m abroad as well!

Have a happy holiday and a happy new year readers!

Camille :D

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