Bonsoir from Paris!

Hello and welcome back to SPRING SEMESTER!

I am so excited to blog for this semester because I am currently studying in Paris, France!

I arrived in Paris about two weeks ago and it has been an AMAZING experience so far!

I had orientation with CIEE, which is a non-profit, non-governmental educational organization, and the students participating in the program when we arrived in Paris.

There are students from Boston, California, Chicago, Colorado, Kansas, New Jersey, Wisconsin and the list goes on!

It is great to meet so many people from such different places.

In a way, it feels like Freshman year all over again. We get to know each other and then slowly relationships begin to form.

We have only been together for two weeks, but we’re kind of like a family!

Being able to jump into another culture and still have people from home around you is a blessing in disguise!

All of the students on this program are great, intellectual students that all share the same passion: French culture!

I have never experienced such a culture shock like I have when I first arrived in Paris!

People don’t understand how different things actually are outside of our U.S.A bubble. You have to learn how to assimilate and blend in.

What might be the “norm” in the states can be the COMPLETE AND UTTER OPPOSITE HERE! 

For example (and this might seem a bit bizarre), the French can pinpoint an American because of HOW MUCH WE SMILE!

They call it the “Colgate Smile.” It’s odd because we don’t even think about it, but it’s a red flag to any French natives!

It’s small things like this that set us apart.

This is why it is insanely important to immerse yourself in the culture and in the Parisian daily life to really get a sense of how their society works!

There is so much to be said and just not enough space, so stay tuned for weekly posts!



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