Everything Comes with a Price

Since being in Europe there are a couple of things that my heart has been yearning for…

Things I miss:

  • DeNaples Center: I really can’t go long without the amazing food in the DeNaples Center cafeteria…it’s sad but SO GOOD!
  • My friends: Although I made some unbelievable friends here in Paris, I really miss my friends! For students studying abroad I recommend Skype!
  • My family: I am currently staying with a host family (and they are amazing I might add) but it is always nice to Skype with good ole grandma and mom now and then!
  • Driving: Main source of transportation in Paris is the Metro. It’s a series of tunnels and forks and it’s MAYHEM, but so enticing at the same time. You encounter so many different people, it’s great!
  • Peanut Butter: I am still perplexed that there is no peanut butter in Paris…

Now of course there are the things that I absolutely adore about being abroad…

Things I LOVE:

  • The Food: The food in Paris is just amazingly delicious. All of their food is unprocessed, fresh and magnificent!
  • New Friends: Making new friends is always a blast! You start to realize that there are so many people out there that are similar to you and your friends at home. Keeping the friendships I make here is on my priority list!
  • School: Learning completely in French every single day, at first, was overwhelming. Now, it’s second nature!
  • Architecture/History: There are so many beautiful architectures to be seen in Paris and the history that goes with it is absolutely fascinating. So much to learn and so much to see!
  • Neighboring Countries: Travel in Europe is insanely cheap, so if you are studying abroad in Europe make sure to visit as many countries as you possibly can! It’ll be worth it ;)

As with everything in life, there are pros and cons with studying abroad.

Sooner than later you start to realize that the pros undoubtedly outweigh the cons, so it’s not so bad!

Class at 8am sharp, à bientôt!


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