Learning How to Survive

Here is some AWESOME advice for students who wish to study abroad and some things to watch out for!


It’s very easy to lose track of how much money you’re actually using because of how expensive things are and because of the exchange rate.

To avoid losing money quickly, DO NOT eat out often! Buy groceries and become a cook, you can do it!

Climate change: Some countries might be hot all year round and others might be stuck in winter for the year.

No matter what country you go to, make sure you bring appropriate clothing so as not to get sick!

If you’re transitioning from a small city to a larger city be prepared for changes in air quality.

Culture shock: Before I arrived in Paris I thought, “Culture shock won’t happen to me…” NOT true.

Culture shock is very common when studying abroad, but don’t fret, it too will pass.

Getting used to a different culture is a challenging process, but once you get accustomed to how society works, everything gets better!

Acceptable clothing: Do some research on your country’s style of clothing.

This is very important because in some cultures, for example, it is inappropriate to have your hair out, or to wear shorts etc.

Make sure not to wear something that will offend the people around you because you’re a foreigner in THEIR country!

Fun News:

I am currently coaching a competitive cheerleading team here in Paris, France and our first competition was this past weekend…AND WE WON!

Words can’t describe how proud I am of them! Here is a picture of my team Cheer Excess



Coaching this cheerleading team has helped me with the language acquisition so much, it’s incredible!

If you’re studying abroad, the amazing staff at the University of Scranton register you for your classes for next semester, so that takes off so much pressure that one would normally have at school.


Hope you all have an amazing week!


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