Why I Chose Scranton

I hope this blog finds everyone safe and well!

I would first like to start off by acknowledging those who have passed away in the recent tragedies of the Boston Marathon bombing and the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas.

It is never easy to accept such a tragedy like the recent ones that have rocked the states into a state of panic. May your souls find their way to heaven and rest in peace.

I would now like to share with you the story of how I came across The University of Scranton and how I chose it as my future university.

It all started out with a free application…


Don’t get me wrong, I heard AMAZING things about the U, but I wasn’t convinced just yet.

After I applied, I scheduled a tour through the Admissions Office and I have to admit that they were so helpful compared to other institutions that I was looking in to!

I never believed in love at first sight until I set foot on The University of Scranton’s amazing campus.

The trees hung over the Commons with beautifully colored leaves swaying back and forth while students trekked along on their daily missions.

Picture a severely confused high school senior attempting to navigate through this beautiful campus…that was me.

It was so painfully obvious that I didn’t know where I was going that two students stopped in their tracks just to help me out!

After my encounter with those two students I immediately felt  more comfortable and at home.

These are some of the most important things to take into consideration when looking for a college or university.

It’s important to feel at home in your new institution because that is going to be your home for the next 4 years! (Possibly longer depending on what field of study you enter)

After my tour of the University I had no doubt in my mind that the University of Scranton was where I wanted to be for the following 4 years.

I remember receiving the large envelope that read, “Congratulations! You have been admitted into the University of Scranton!”

It was the happiest day of my life.

Choosing the University of Scranton has been one of the best decision I have ever made. This University has shaped me into the person that I am today and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The University of Scranton thrives to make its students well rounded individuals and that is exactly what it has accomplished to do since 1888.

Choose the U and you won’t be disappointed!

Missing the wonderful people at the U! See you all soon enough my friends!

Camille :)

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