An Amazing End to a Perfect Year

Hello all!

Unfortunately my friends, this is the last post of the semester…

I know some of you might be devastated by this, BUT worry not, for the blogs will be back in August!

The 2012-2013 academic school year at the University of Scranton and abroad has been absolutely amazing and rewarding!

This August, the U will be welcoming our new freshman into our home for a life changing experience!

As we prepare ourselves for the farewell of the senior class of 2013 we must stop and remind ourselves that it is not necessarily “goodbye,” but a “see you later.”

Let’s face it, the U will always be their home!

As I get sentimental, I would also like to address the staff and faculty that have helped the students at the U reach their full potential throughout the years.

The guidance and education that the staff and faculty provide at the U isĀ incomparableĀ to any other institution.

The students at the University of Scranton are blessed to have such exceptional professionals as role-models, teachers, leaders and friends.

We welcome the 2013-2014 academic school year with open arms! (Unless you’re like me and you don’t want to be a senior just yet…)

On that note, I wish you all well and I pray that everyone has an awesome summer full of fun activities, friends and family!

For my incoming Freshman, see you on moving day!



This is Camille signing off from Paris, France (I have always wanted to say that…)

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