Royal Nights Overnight Program

This weekend we held our first Royal Nights Overnight program of the semester! 

Accepted students have the opportunity to attend The University of Scranton for two days to live the life of a Scranton college student.

They will have the opportunity to attend classes, eat in our dining hall, sleep in a residence hall and participate in social events including a movie outing, group dinners and more!

This is an amazing way to help students decide wether The University of Scranton is the right place for them.

Current students can sign up to host up to THREE Royal Nighters! I personally love to host prospective students in hopes of helping them choose The University of Scranton!

We serve as a guide and mentor while they are here and it is our job to show them the special aspects of the U.

Come and see what The University of Scranton has to offer you! We welcome you with open arms :)


I have met with a number of students ranging from first years to fourth years and they all have the same problem: what am I going to do when I get out of here?

Fret not my friends, because NO ONE KNOWS! You might find that your friends have their lives figured out for them, but trust me, not everyone does!

It’s important to have an idea as to what you want to do when you get out but don’t stress if it changes often.

I changed my major fall semester of my JUNIOR YEAR! I am happier than ever and so many doors have opened up for me! You have to stay positive and work for your goals!

The Career and Services Office does an AMAZING job of helping the students find a starting point for their future plans.

Take advantage of the help that is offered for you on-campus. They’re here to help!

On that note, I would like to leave you with the quote of the week:

“There is a name for every day in the week, someday is not one of them.”

Go out there and start following your dreams, not someday but TODAY!

Have a great week! :)



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