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Conversation with an Alumnus

Ryan White graduated from the University of Scranton in 2006 with a degree in secondary education- communication/English. He is currently working at Kellenberg Memorial High School, a Catholic high school in Uniondale, New York, as an English teacher, guidance counselor and football, basketball and lacrosse coach.

Why did you decide to attend Scranton?

I decided to attend The University of Scranton because it was one of the first schools I visited and it felt like home. I walked onto the campus, and it was incredibly welcoming. I then went back for the Royal Nights program and it only solidified my choice as I got a real feel for the campus.

What clubs or organizations were you involved in on campus?

I was involved in a few clubs and activities, my most prominent extra-curricular was being a member of the lacrosse team. I also was an RA and gave tours to prospective students.

How has the University and the relationships you made here impacted your life?

The University helped shaped me in many facets, both while I was a student there and for the years to follow. The Education Department was terrific in helping me map my way to my career. I really feel though that the most significant impact on my life was the terrific people I met while I was there. Though we don’t see each other as regularly as we’d like, there is still a group of us that are friends from 16 years ago when we lived in Fitch Hall.

Also, I’d add that there are several things that I learned at my time there that still trickle down to my teaching and coaching today.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about the University?

Finding the type of school like Scranton during the college search is very rare; it was the perfect mix of what I needed to grow and what has led to sustained growth in the long haul. I can also say that there are several students who I’ve taught or coached that I speak to and share my story with in hopes that they also can continue their paths there as college students.

Students Present at Conference

In November, a group of students found themselves at an Entomological Society of America conference in Vancouver, Canada.  Julia McKinney, Matthew Barrett, Dylan Valente and Mike Moran made the trip with Dr. Marc Seid to present research each of them has been working on.

The group flew to Seattle, Washington, and drove from there to Vancouver.  On the way, they did some sightseeing.  McKinney ’20 said, “We went to the top of Mt. Baker in Washington. It was so pretty!  That was definitely my favorite part of the trip because I had never been to the West Coast before.”

The convention itself was filled with presentations from students and professors.  “It was cool because not only did we present our posters, but different professors walked around and looked at our posters and talked to us about them,” McKinney said.   “We also got to attend their talks and they presented their research. It was really cool to see.”

McKinney started her research at the start of her sophomore year at Scranton.

“My research was on the effects of sleep deprivation on biogenic amines and learning in Camponotus Floridanus ants,” McKinney said.  “My research was seeing how sleep deprivation effects the biogenic amines in the brain- quantitatively, and then how good or bad the ants are at learning after it.”

The trip was a great experience, according to McKinney, who enjoyed discussing the posters.

“My most asked question was, ‘So, what was your inspiration for this because this is kind of weird?’ but that was still pretty cool.”

Stress Less This Week

The arrival of Dead Week brings with it late nights of studying, writing papers and, inevitably, stressing out.  Taking a break and letting your mind and body rest is just as important as studying is.  CHEW is hosting Stress Less Week on campus to help students de-stress before finals. They have a full week of activities planned.

The week started out with “Stress Less Fest” on Monday,  This event was in collaboration with USPB, with a trail mix bar, cookies, stress reduction tips, free giveaways and more!

See the rest of the schedule below:

Dec. 5:

Free Chair Massages, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., 2nd floor TDC outside of CHEW

Energizing Yoga, 6 p.m – 7 p.m, Royals Room in the Byron Center

Dec. 6:

Energizing Yoga, 5 p.m. – 6 p.m, Royals Room in the Byron Center

Late Night Study Smoothly, 9 p.m – 11 p.m, 1stfloor TDC

Dec. 7:

Positivity Patrol, Look for PHEs around campus

Gentle Yoga, 12:10 p.m – 12:40 p.m, Royals Room in the Byron Center

For more information, follow @uofschew on Instagram!

Intersession Abroad

The cold weather is here – intersession is on its way!

While we all look forward to spending time at home during the break, there are also a lot of opportunities available through the University during this time.  Several study abroad faculty-led trips are often offered during intersession.

Christina Brannon ’19 went on a trip to Israel over intersession in 2017.  It was the first University trip to Israel.

“Honestly I don’t think I would have had the guts to travel to the Middle East solo at 18,” Brannon said.  “Going with the University gave me the opportunity to travel with experienced guides in a safe way. Also, we were able to ‘live’ in the Middle East as opposed to ‘touring’ the Middle East as most Americans do. Nothing against doing touristy things (of course they’re fun), but traveling through small towns and meeting with locals and hearing their stories was much more interesting than sight-seeing the major attractions in the area.”

Brannon describes her trip as life-changing.

“I always said I wanted to see how others lived and get outside of my American bubble of comfort, and traveling to Israel and Palestine was the perfect opportunity to do so,” she said. “Between seeing the major religious sights and enjoying tea with Palestinian natives that I now consider friends, my eyes were completely opened to the diversity of life that makes humankind so remarkable. Although we had our differences, there were way more similarities among us.”

Information about past trips can be found here.

Skiing Made Easy for Students

The best way to enjoy Montage Mountain in the winter is by skiing down it. Montage Mountain offers something for everyone, whether that means skiing, tubing, sledding or just warming up and grabbing something to eat in the Slocum Hollow Bar and Restaurant.

Montage Mountain has some of the best terrain Pennsylvania has to offer.  There are 26 trails that range from beginner difficulty to expert, that offer incredible views and exhilaration. Understandably, you may think that all of this winter fun comes with a hefty price tag, which it does … unless you’re a student!

With your Scranton student ID, you can head up to the Mountain on Thursday or Sunday night for the low price of only $25. This doesn’t just include the lift ticket, but your rentals too!

Creating fun memories and making the snowy NEPA winter more exciting on a budget is as easy as remembering to keep your student ID on you. After all, you might as well get some perks for all of the hard work you put in each semester, am I right?

For more information on all that Montage Mountain Ski Resort has to offer, visit their website.

Students and Faculty Give Thanks

By Kristen Gensinger and Christina Brannon

Thanksgiving is a time of coming together to celebrate the joy we have in our lives.  We spoke to some professors and students at the University about what they are thankful for this year.  See their responses below!

 “Of course I’m thankful for my friends and family, but I’m most grateful for all the students I get to teach at the University and the relationships I build with them, and how I get to watch them grow and develop into wonderful, caring, service-oriented human beings.” – Dr. Kim Pavlick

“What I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving is my son and my girlfriend and our young family.” – Professor John Kilker

“I’m thankful for getting through another semester!” – Allison Steitz ’20

“I am thankful that up here in Northeast Pennsylvania I have my wife, I have my daughter, and that we are able to share this Thanksgiving together!  We’re going to be doing a non-traditional Thanksgiving because my family is not able to make it into town and we are not able to make it out of town, and so I’m thankful that we are going spending time together as a family – going out to eat and seeing a movie together – quite the awesome time!” – Dr. Howard Fisher

“I’m grateful for my loved ones!” – Natasha Medvetsky ’20

“I’m really thankful for spending some time with my family over the holidays!” – Dr. Stacy Smulowitz

“I am thankful for my family and my friends here at Scranton and I’m thankful for my professors and I’m thankful that I get to live here on this beautiful campus!” – Katherine Melilli ’20

“I’m thankful for my family, my friends- and ‘The Office!’” – Erin Sullivan ’19

Happy Thanksgiving!


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