Undergraduate Admissions

Senior Spotlight: Keny Melgar

For a quarter of the students at Scranton, the next few weeks will be their last as undergraduates.

As their time at Scranton slowly comes to an end, many of these students have begun to look back over their years and forward to what the next several weeks will hold.

Keny Melgar is a computer science major with a concentration in data science.

After graduation, Melgar hopes to further his career with his current internship at Production Systems Automation Inc. and said he wants to further his education as well.

Simpson, Pa. native Keny Melgar.

“I plan on getting my master’s degree in software engineering here at Scranton,” Melgar said.

He looks forward to graduate school but said he is going to miss those who won’t be here in the fall.

“Everyone that I have met here on campus has impacted me in some way, and I will miss those who are leaving,” Melgar said.

He said he also developed great relationships with his professors that allowed him to learn and grow these past four years.

“Everyone wants the best for you and sometimes that means pushing you to be better, [which] can be hard to accept sometimes,” Melgar said. “Reflecting on those moments really opens my eyes to how much I’ve grown.”

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Senior Spotlight: Annie McSherry

With commencement approaching, the reality is beginning to set in for some seniors. Their time as undergraduate students is coming to an end.

Annie McSherry is a nursing major gearing up for the professional sector post-graduation. She said she hopes to return to her home state of New York.

Camel, New York native Annie McSherry.

“After graduation, I would love to work in New York as a nurse in the neonatal intensive care unit,” McSherry said.

Though eager to start her nursing career, McSherry said she is going to miss Scranton.

“I’m really going to miss living with my best friends,” McSherry said. “I can’t imagine what I would have done without them the past four years, and it’s so sad to think about us all living in different states in a few months.”

Outside of the close-ties McSherry shares with her housemates, she is also a member of the cheerleading team and the Student Nursing Association. She said her favorite Scranton memory came from the cheer team’s finals appearance in the 2020 United Cheerleading Association’s College Nationals in Disney World.

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Scranton Celebrates Mom and Pop Businesses

March 29 marks national Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. Scranton is home to various small businesses — shopping is the perfect way to support them.

With businesses ranging from clothing stores to delis, there is something to satisfy everyone on National Mom and Pop Business Owner Day.

For the love of clothes

Amendolaro boutique located on Spruce Street.

Amendolaro – 410 Spruce Street

Referred to as a “modern boutique in the heart of downtown Scranton,” they offer a wide range of goods.

Amendolaro caters to a wide range of customers, providing men’s and women’s clothing, workout gear and jewelry.

Two workout sets offered at Amendolaro.

The boutique even offers footwear to complete a whole outfit before you even finish shopping.

Amendolaro is open from 10 a.m. to 5:30p.m. Monday through Friday, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.

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Senior Spotlight: Stephen Chimenti

With commencement approaching, the reality is beginning to set in for some seniors. Their time as undergraduate students is coming to an end.

Stephen Chimenti is an exercise science major, and though his academic career is set to continue — he will go on to get his doctorate in physical therapy  — he said he is going to miss the sense of community at Scranton.

Park Ridge, New Jersey native Stephen Chimenti.

“There are so many things about [Scranton] that I will miss, but if I had to narrow it down … it would be the community,” Chimenti said. “Meeting my friends and seeing people on my walks to class are things I have appreciated from the [first] day I stepped foot on campus.”

Chimenti met many of his friends during his first year as a Royal and was thankful to keep those connections during his four years.

“My lifelong favorite memories from Scranton come from the first semester of my first year,” Chimenti said. “Every day was a new experience, and I met more people than I ever have before.”

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Students Use Mobile Ordering App

During the fall 2020 semester, Transact’s Mobile Ordering application was introduced for the University community to use in the DeNaples Dining Center as a part of the Royals Safe Together plan. It allowed students, faculty and staff to order their food and avoid crowding.

The Royals Safe Together Plan aims to keep all present at Scranton safe through appropriate handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The app allows students to order meals from Chick-Fil-A, Zoca, Which Which, Grille Works and the Pizza and Pasta stations through their mobile phones.

The first floor of the DeNaples Center has been remodeled in order to accomodate COVID-19 safety precautions.

Newly added locations for the spring 2021 semester include Einstein Bros. Bagels and the Mulberry Food Court.

Students both on- and off-campus have been using mobile ordering: scheduling orders, checking order status in real-time and using the various pay options.

Sara Tavares, a junior marketing major, uses mobile ordering roughly three times a week.

Sara Tavares ’22.

Tavares said she often orders from Einstein Bros. Bagels for breakfast in between classes and enjoys how simple the mobile ordering is.

“I prefer mobile ordering since it’s quick, easy and always ready to go when you’re in a rush,” Tavares said. “Mobile ordering allows me to get my food more quickly and not wait in as many lines.”

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Wellness Day Gives Students a Chance to Recharge

Tuesday was Wellness Day at Scranton, which meant that no classes were to be held, virtually or in-person. The incorporation of this Wellness Day into the calendar was intended to give students a well-deserved break from the stress and work required by their classes. Students were not only given a break from their classwork, but they were also met with some spring-like temperatures and sunshine.

With temperatures finally rising above freezing, I was able to get out of my apartment to take a walk around campus and enjoy the weather.

March sun shining on the Founder’s Green on campus.

It was so nice to see so much activity on campus, from friends playing catch on the Founder’s Green to roommates spending time out on the Dionne Green to finish up their work for the day. Everywhere I turned, I was met with the sight of people out and about in Scranton, a tell-tale sign that this Wellness Day was not only appreciated but thoroughly enjoyed as well.

Aside from my brisk walk on campus, my Wellness Day was spent taking care of myself in various other ways. I was able to catch up on some much-needed sleep and head to the gym first thing in the morning to get my body moving. After the gym, I took my time to cook breakfast for myself, enjoying the feeling of not being in a rush to make it to my classes on time. After breakfast, I was able to settle in and get through some work I had for the week. After managing to get ahead of some work, banking up some more free wellness time for myself later on in the week, I decided to spend the remainder of my Wellness Day doing a few of my favorite things.

Blueberry lemon loaf cake, recipe via Instagram.

My favorite show, “Impractical Jokers,” was on, so I baked a new lemon loaf cake from a recipe I found on Instagram and sat down to watch the show.

This downtime allowed me to zone out for a while, and I found my mind gradually slipping away from the responsibilities and strict schedule that normally keep me on my toes.

Wellness Day gave me the perfect opportunity to wind down and take care of my body’s needs, while still being able to be productive and get ahead on my schoolwork.

I am already looking forward to the next Wellness Day (March 24) when no classes are in session!

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