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Commuter Student Guide

By Zoe Haggerty and Katelyn Moore
Commuter Day the Royal Way is coming up on this Friday, August 10th! Navigating college as a commuter can be different in some ways than doing so as a resident, but it is just as fun and exciting! We’re here to help you find the resources and opportunities to guarantee smooth sailing those first few weeks of the semester.
Commuter Day the Royal Way
Hosted by the Commuter Student Association, this fun day will begin with registration starting at 11 a.m. After that, prepare for tons of icebreakers, food, games and other activities that will help you meet other incoming commuter students! You will also have the opportunity to talk to upperclassmen commuters who can offer advice and answer any questions you may have! If you’d like to attend Commuter Day the Royal Way, you can RSVP and fill out the registration forms at these links below:
Commuter Student Association (CSA)
The Commuter Student Association is a student-run organization that works to make sure all commuter students are able to participate in and feel connected to the campus community! In addition to the many resources that the organization provides, CSA also hosts several events throughout the semester that include frequent Coffee Hours and even a Murder Mystery Dinner!
The Office of Off Campus and Commuter Student Life (OCCSL)
Feeling a little overwhelmed with having to prepare for the new semester? The Office of Off Campus and Commuter Student Life, located in The DeNaples Center Forum room 205T, provides tons of information for students who will be commuting or living in off-campus residences. If you have any questions regarding meal plans, parking passes or other aspects of off-campus living, OCCSL has plenty of resources for you!
Student Government Commuter Senators
Interested in voicing your opinion and those of your constituents? The University of Scranton Student Government includes two elected senate positions for commuter students. Whether you run for the position or simply get to know your commuter senators, Student Government is a great resource for commuter student representation.
Commuter Lockers
Concerned about lugging books and other items around campus? Don’t be! The University of Scranton offers free individual lockers for commuter students. Stationed on the first floor of the DeNaples Center, the lockers are conveniently located in the hub of campus. Have some time between classes? Drop your books off at your locker, then grab a coffee or pastry at Starbucks and unwind on the couches available in the DeNaples Forum!
Severe Weather Hotline
Living in Northeast Pennsylvania during the winter months means enjoying some snowy days! The Severe Weather Hotline (941-5999) is available for information regarding delays, cancellations, and compressed class schedules. A University of Scranton Text Alert will also be sent out to students regarding any change in class schedules due to inclement weather. Be sure to sign up to keep updated on any weather related changes to your class schedule!
Be sure to check out the links below for more information about the various resources available to University of Scranton commuters. And whether you’re planning to commute or live in one of our residence halls, we’d love to invite you for an information session and tour of our campus! Click the link below to schedule your visit!

Delicious Places to Eat in the Scranton Area

By Zoë Haggerty
If you plan to enjoy any of the activities suggested in last week’s blog, you’re sure to work up an appetite–but don’t worry, because we’ve got you covered! Scranton is home to some delicious and unique dining locations, from diners to ice cream parlors to international cuisine. Dig in!
Brunch, Lunch, or Munch:
Downtown Deli
A short walk from The University of Scranton campus on Spruce Street, this popular dining location offers all-day breakfast (french toast for lunch? Yes please!) as well as a salad bar and deli menu. With sandwiches like The Spruce Street and burgers like The RailRider, this sit-down restaurant in Scranton is great for both breakfast and lunch! (**Top photo from breakfast at Downtown Deli!)
Glenburn Grill & Bakery
Located in Clarks Summit, PA, this family-owned and family-friendly cafe is just a short drive from campus. Baked goods, such as homemade pies, nut rolls, and cookies, are made daily, and you can’t go wrong with any of the generously portioned breakfast or lunch options!
Mansour’s Market
This old-fashioned eatery and coffee shop on Prescott Ave offers baked goods and breakfast items, as well as various sandwiches, salads, and burgers. Highly recommended by one of our tour guides, Mansour’s brunch menu is a must try while you’re in town!

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Visiting Scranton in the Summer

By Katelyn Moore and Zoë Haggerty
What time is it?! Summertime! That means the perfect time to plan a trip to The University of Scranton and check out some great places close to campus. Nestled right in the city of Scranton, the university is within walking distance to several parks, museums, and restaurants, and only a short drive to various other locations to explore and enjoy. Here are some ideas for what you can do during your visit to Scranton this summer!
Visit The University of Scranton
The University of Scranton offers information sessions and tours of our beautiful campus almost every day of the summer, as well as one-on-one appointments with admissions counselors specific to your home area!
Come visit to see just how lovely our campus is, especially while the weather is warm and pleasant! You’ll even get a complimentary meal pass to use at one of our campus dining options.
With our new City Pass, receive a 10% discount for one of these participating restaurants in downtown Scranton:
  • Backyard Ale House
  • Peculiar Slurp Shop
  • POSH at the Scranton Club
  • Terra Preta Prime
To finish your day off, call ahead and ask us for RailRider tickets for you and your family to enjoy a baseball game on us at PNC field, just a 15-minute drive from campus!
Learn more about Scranton’s City Pass here: http://admissions.scranton.edu/visit/city-pass.shtml.

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Coffee Shops Within Walking Distance of Campus

By Katelyn Moore and Zoȅ Haggerty
Can’t start your day until you’ve had a cup of coffee? We’re with you.
If you’re wondering where you can get your caffeine fix while at Scranton, you’re in luck! We’ve got a list of some on- and off-campus options that are great to check out regardless of whether you’re a prospective student or a current one. The best part? They’re all in walking distance of campus!
1. Starbucks
Located on the first floor of the Denaples Center, this Starbucks is right at the center of everything that’s happening on campus. It’s a convenient stop to make whether you are just heading to breakfast in the morning, or when you need a refill in between classes. Plus, if you’re in for a long night of studying, you can grab your coffee and a snack from Late Night before you go!
2. Java City
Java City is conveniently located on the first floor of the Weinberg Memorial Library. Not only can you get the classic cafe beverages here, but smoothies, soup and other snacks as well! Java City is another great spot on campus to fuel your late nights while you hit the books.
3. Einstein Bros. Bagels
You’ll find Einstein Bros. Bagels in Leahy Hall. In addition to having all of the bagel options you could possibly want, they also have some amazing coffee and pastries! There’s plenty of seating, so enjoy your meal and coffee while you get some work done!
4. Northern Light Espresso Bar
If you’re interested in an off-campus spot with an environment that lends itself to studying, Northern Light Espresso Bar is a great option. There are two levels with plenty of seating, so it’s great regardless of if you are looking for a place to focus on your work, or if you’re just out and about with friends!

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Orientation Overview: What to Expect on Your First Day as a Royal

By Katie Moore and Zoȅ Haggerty
All of a sudden, it’s happening. You’re starting senior year of high school. Filling out applications, writing resumes, anxiously waiting by the mailbox. And then, just as suddenly, it’s happened. You’ve graduated high school. You’ve chosen The University of Scranton. You’re starting college! What?!
If you’re anything like us, you’re probably a little nervous and a lot excited (okay, maybe the other way around) about starting college. This might be your first time away from home, or your fiftieth. You may have older siblings or cousins already in college, or maybe you’re the first. Maybe most of what you know about the city of Scranton comes from watching The Office (Scranton, what? THE ELECTRIC CITY!) But now, you have something in common with everyone else milling around campus this week–you’re all part of the Wolf Pack!
We’re here to walk you through each step of your first day as a Royal.

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