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Giblin-Kelly Hall Dedicated to Former Students

The start of the Goblin-Kelly Hall Dedication ceremony.

The University of Scranton dedicated Giblin-Kelly residence hall to two former students on Monday, one of whom was killed in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

William H. Kelly, ‘93 and Brendan J. Giblin ‘06 were the two for which the residence hall was dedicated.

Kelly was inside one of the World Trade Center towers during the 9/11 attacks. He was on the top floor in a meeting when it occurred. 

Giblin was killed in a car accident in 2006 during his senior year.

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La Festa Italiana

By Lauren Earnshaw

Labor Day weekend is many Scranton students’ favorite weekend of the year because of La Festa Italiana.

Students walk down past Leahy and Hyland to go somewhere other than Dunkin’ — all the way to the square lined with tents.

These tents are filled with Italian food as far as the eye can see, as well as other types of food.

We talked with some students at La Festa to hear their opinions of the festival.

“I love that it’s a great last hurrah of summer/beginning of the new school year, and I love trying a different flavored cannoli each year!” Devin Limper ‘20 said.

Cannolis are definitely a hot ticket item for those at La Festa, but there are endless possibilities to eat before you get to dessert.

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Urban Beats Crew at Scranton

By Lauren Earnshaw

Did you know that there is a hip-hop dance group on campus?

Urban Beats Crew is a dance group at Scranton who performs mostly hip-hop.

Besides hip-hop, there is an opportunity for dancers to perform other styles of dance.

“We have done step before and our End of the Year Showcase allows team members to perform any style of dance they want!” Urban Beats Crew (UBC) President Lauren Hughes said.

Besides their End of the Year Showcase, the group performs at an array of events on and off campus.

“We have performed at multiple events on and off campus including Family Weekend, Midnight Madness, flash mobs, Relay for Life, Take Back the Night, Festival of Nations and our End of the Year Showcase that we host each school year!” Hughes said.

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Getting Involved with Student Government

By Lauren Earnshaw

Looking for a way to get involved on campus? Interested in making an impact on the University community? Look no further than the Student Government here at Scranton.

We go the low-down from Student Government President, Fahad Ashraf ’20, and Vice President, Jeff Colucci ’21 on all things Student Government.

“Student Government is an organization on campus led by students, for students,” Ashraf said.

Student Government works to make meaningful change to benefit the University community.

“We serve as a resource for any student at the University to make sure their voices are heard, pass legislation that can directly enact change in this campus community, charter new clubs and fund existing clubs,” Ashraf said.

Members of Student Government also partake in several campus committees.

“We work closely with faculty and staff to make Scranton an even better place than it already is,” Colucci said.

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Class of 2023 Move-in

This past weekend, The University of Scranton welcomed the Class of 2023 to their new home away from home! Move-in weekend can be one of the most nerve-wracking times in a student’s college career, but Scranton strives to make it a fun and stress-free experience for everyone involved! First-year students checked in, received the key to their dorms and watched as hundreds of student volunteers carried their belongings to their rooms.

Bridget Szabo Klosinski commented about the day on Facebook: “Could not have been a better day! Volunteers were so helpful. Everyone was so welcoming. What a great first day for our kids! You even had the weather cooperate! Thank you!!”

Everyone remembers the nerves they felt on the first day of college. To help the new class, Royals took to social media over the weekend to provide tips and advice, such as:

Keep your door open while you’re setting up so you can meet your dorm-mates!!

Wear something comfortable and bring a fan for sure!

This is the first day of many, you have a long time to figure everything out. Don’t stress!

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Advice for #Royals2023

We asked our Instagram followers for move-in day advice for the class of 2023! Here’s what they said:

Get to know everyone in your dorm. These people turn into family.

Keep your door open while you’re setting up so you can meet your dorm-mates!!

Wear something comfortable and bring a fan for sure!

Commuters – there’s tons of stuff going on on-campus. Don’t miss out!

Just relax and breathe! Everything will be fine <3 I wish I was moving in again!

Pack snacks!!!

Cherish every moment. You’ll wish you can go back to this day for the rest of your life.

You don’t need a lot of hands-on deck because the move-in volunteers help you! #ROYALS

Give your parents a big hug! This is a hard day for them.

Take a deep breath! It’s ok to be nervous!

Take a family selfie before your parents leave!

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