Sept. 27: Reflection from Family Weekend, Plus Theatre Review and Campus Safety Tips

The University Players Present: ‘The Glass Menagerie’

By: Jessica D’Aquila

The University of Scranton Players’ performance of Tennessee Williams’ classic, “The Glass Menagerie,” had a successful opening this past Friday with performances continuing through Saturday and Sunday of Family Weekend. Set in 1937 St. Louis,”The Glass Menagerie” tells the story of the Wingfield family through brother Tom’s memories of his mother Amanda, a Southern belle whose husband’s disappearance has left the family in a fragile state, and his sister Laura in their pursuits to find her a gentleman caller to finally appease their mother’s wishes. The University Players’ performance featured Conor Hurley ’18 as Tom Wingfield, Ali Basalyga ’19 as Amanda Wingfield, Victoria Pennington ’19 as Laura Wingfield, and Nick Gangone ’19 as Jim O’Connor, the gentleman caller. The cast and crew produced a captivating performance with mystical lights and sound, raw and emotional scenes, and an overall mesmerizing and poignant story.

Natalie Gray ‘20, the production stage manager, reflected on the rehearsal process. “The cast and crew would meet five days a week for several hours at a time to rehearse,” she said. “It is because of this hard work and dedication that the show was able to become a success.”

The actors found the process both enjoyable and challenging– in the best way! Junior Ali Basalyga (Amanda Wingfield) said, “It’s really an honor to have such a challenging and dense role in one of the great American plays.” Junior Nick Gangone (gentleman caller) said, “Being the gentleman caller has put into perspective how the definition of being a standup guy has changed since the ’30s.” Senior Conor Hurley (Tom Wingfield) described the experience of playing a character based on Tennessee Williams himself to be “profoundly challenging and fulfilling. I’ve really grown as an actor because of it.”

More performances of The Glass Menagerie will take place Friday, Sept. 29 at 8, Saturday, Sept. 30 at 8 and Sunday, Oct. 1 at 2.

Click here more information on The Players or to purchase tickets.

Family Weekend 2017

By: Kayla Johnson

It’s something I look forward to every year: Family Weekend. The weekend where I get to see everyone I hold near and dear — my mom, my sisters and, of course, my dog. On Friday night, after multiple laps of walking my energetic Yorkie (Cooper), we gathered in my apartment to sit back, relax and watch some movies. We saw “Sing” and “Moana” for the first time while going through two bags of popcorn. Saturday, we spent the day on campus stopping by some of the events the University hosted for Family Weekend. After enjoying some brunch, we went out on the Dionne Green which was packed with many different visiting families and students. Together we watched the Dance Team perform, walked through the Community Fair on the Royal Way, listened to the Octaves and Royal Harmony perform, cheered on the Urban Beats Crew as they danced on the Dionne Green and, finally, played some Bingo to end the day (sadly, we didn’t win anything).

Family Weekend means so much to my family and me. Having them visit my second home where I learn and live is an opportunity each year. As a senior, this Family Weekend made me look back and realize how much The University of Scranton means to me and how it has helped me grow and progress, not only as a student but as a person who is ready for the world.

Check out some pictures from Family Weekend, here.


PBC Dinner Preparation: Information Session

By: Kayla Johnson

The President’s Business Council Annual Award (PBC) Dinner honors those who have achieved strides and distinction in their fields and who have showcased extraordinary consideration for others. This award dinner has become the University’s leading fundraising event. As a student in the Business Leadership Honors Program, we are invited to the President’s Business Council Award Dinner, which takes place at The Pierre Hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City. And, for such an incredible event, as expected, there are certain things students need to know.

First, it is a black-tie event, which means I get to wear my first gown since my high school prom (something I’m really looking forward to). Second, this can be used as a networking opportunity. This means we need to be prepared to meet and converse with many different people, and we need to have our resumes and business cards in hand, as well as prep some talking points. Finally, proper etiquette techniques are important to have and know (I had no idea what a salad fork was until I asked!). The PBC Dinner is something I’m looking forward to and I am happy to attend.

Learn more about the PBC Award Dinner, here.

Campus Safety – Advice

By: Kassie Dunn

This year, The University of Scranton held a Campus Safety event during National Campus Safety Week to help educate students on how to stay safe throughout each semester.

The event held numerous demonstrations on the dangers of intoxication and taught people about the importance of never driving while drunk, as well as had tables with tips on how to stay safe on and around campus. Officers offered advice on theft prevention, safety in residence halls and reminded students that if they were ever in need they can utilize the Royal Ride. The Royal Ride van is a shuttle service the school provides to students in case they are ever out at night and need assistance home. It is available weekends starting at 10 p.m. and it runs until 3:00 a.m. University Police also offer safety escorts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Campus officers gave their advice.

If you are going out at night make sure you always walk in groups
Utilize the royal ride if you are in need of assistance
– Officer Eric Hernandez, who is on bike patrol for the University
Never allow unauthorized access to people you don’t know into your dorm buildings
Always keep your doors locked
Report any suspicious activity to University police immediately
– Student Officer Lieutenant Paul Vervlied
The University of Scranton’s police force is always available to help. If you ever are in need of assistance you can contact them at (570) 941-7888.

Find out more at

Study Abroad: Helpful Tips

By: Kassie Dunn

Here at the University of Scranton, many students choose to study abroad whether its over the summer, intersession or for a full semester. However, when preparing for such a big step in life there is a lot that needs to get done! The preparation alone can be exhausting. Thankfully, a group of Scranton students have advice to give to those who wish to go abroad.

Junior Bethany Walsh studied abroad in Ireland over intersession and said that the Study Abroad Office at the University is very helpful. The program she set up her trip with really helped her to prepare. They gave her a list of things to bring and tips on what to pack. Walsh said to “do as much research as you can about the trip and not to be afraid to ask for help.”

Junior Megan Melchione went to Italy for a full semester. “Studying abroad is the best experience to create independence and travel to amazing places,” she said. “I definitely recommend saving money in advance and having a plan before you go.”

A recent Study Abroad Fair gave students more information on deadlines, what certain countries are like, and what to expect when traveling.

Junior Kevin Duque works in the Study Abroad Office. “At the Study Abroad Office, we [the staff] like to encourage the entire student body to consider looking into studying abroad because most students don’t realize that they have that option,” he said. “Whether you’re deciding on doing an intersession trip, a summer term or a full semester, the staff at the Study Abroad Office can help facilitate you through planning your trip and helping you through the application process.”

For those students who wish to study abroad, don’t forget that Rev. John Sivalon and the entire Study Abroad Office in Saint Thomas Hall are here to help! Or visit:

Kassie Dunn
Class Year:2019
Hometown:West Chester, PA

Kayla Johnson
Class Year:2018
Major:Strategic communication, business leadership minor
Hometown:Allentown, PA

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