Oct 10: Fall Break in West Chester, PA

After a few very stressful weeks, I was ecstatic to go home and have some down time. My fall break wasn’t anything exciting, but it was exactly what I needed! The first thing I see when I get home is the changing leaves in Chester County and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It was great to spend quality time with my family and just relax. When I got home, I was immediately greeted by my dog, Cody, and he followed me around for a good two days.

On Saturday, I got to go out to one of my favorite breakfast places, Hanks Diner, with two of my best friends, Emily and Maddi. The French toast there is to die for! We also met up with our friend, Logan, and had a good time sharing laughs and catching up on each other’s lives at school. Later that evening, I had dinner with my family and my dad made my favorite dish, spaghetti and sausage! When I smell that pasta sauce being made, I know I’m in for a real treat.  But, the best part of the day was sitting on the couch and watching a movie with my mom. My dad calls us “TV buddies” and always tells me how much my mom misses me. We watched the movie A Good Year. Of course, it’s a romantic comedy … that’s our favorite genre! Along with all the family time, I got to see our family friends and their kids. The kids are two years old and five months and they just bring so much happiness to my life! I always make a point to see them when I come home.

When it was finally time to leave, my mom and I decided to treat ourselves one last time and get our nails done. We always say that it makes us feel more put together having a fresh color on our nails. Now I’m starting the week feeling refreshed and ready to work hard until Thanksgiving!

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