Finals Advice from Upperclassmen

By Christina Brannon

With final exams rapidly approaching, it’s easy to get stressed, cram and eat that entire pint of ice cream from the P.O.D. that you were saving for emergencies. Dead Week may even have you feeling a little dead. However, when stress feels overwhelming, look no further than the students who made it to the other side and live to tell the tale: upperclassmen.

So, if you’re still a little disappointed your professor hasn’t handed you the answer sheet for the final, going to an upperclassman for help just might bethe next best thing.

Senior Olivia Adams has five keys to acing your finals.

“Don’t underestimate the importance of a cubicle, studying with friends is nice but third and fourth floor cubes are important for actually getting work done. Write out your study guides rather than typing them, you’ll remember the information so much more. Use color gel pens. The bookstore has some great options and they make making the study guides so much less mundane. Don’t forget to eat! Your body will not function if you don’t give it fuel. Also, don’t be afraid to eat your food in the library for ultimate time-saving. POD candy is essential for energy.”

If you think you’re going crazy, take a lap around the library, call a friend or your parents. Fresh air is the best thing you can do for yourself,” Adams said.

While seniors have taken the most finals, juniors also have a pretty good idea of how to stay calm, cool and collected when you’re actually none-of-the-above. Junior Madonna Mantione believes in early preparation and taking time to just breathe.

“If you start a few weeks early in advance and have a plan of attack in place, you won’t feel rushed or the need to cram. If we’re being real, no one remembers what you learn if you’re cramming past 2 a.m. You need to take care of yourself both mentally and physically, and it will translate into better final grades. When you’re feeling really stressed, step away from your work and just breathe. Center yourself, take a break and come back when you’re ready. You can’t push yourself past a healthy limit, no grade is worth making yourself sick. So, just prepare in advance, listen to your body when you’re exhausted and just do your best. You’re always smarter and more prepared than you think you are,” Mantione said.

This finals season, stress less. Take advice from upperclassmen who have that insider knowledge that comes from taking final after final in stride. And soon, you’ll be an upperclassman wondering why you ever worried in the first place.

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