The First 5 Weeks of the Semester: What to Do, Who to See, and Where to Go!

By Zoȅ Haggerty and Katelyn Moore
The first week of the semester can be pretty hectic. There are club fairs to explore, floor meetings and programs to attend, and new buildings to navigate, not to mention going to classes and figuring out how to use your syllabus. But now the first week is over, and you may be wondering, what’s next? We’re here to help you find fun events, plus recommend some things to do in these first weeks to guarantee a successful semester!
Getting Situated
Get a Planner! One syllabus can be intimidating, but after 4 or 5 class syllabi, you may be feeling entirely overwhelmed. Don’t worry! Your syllabus is actually one of your best resources this semester. It lets you know every due date, exam date, and homework assignment waaay ahead of time, so you can be prepared and start bigger projects early. Head over to the bookstore to grab a cute planner or a jumbo-sized calendar, and start filling in those due dates!
Club Meetings How many clubs did you sign up for at the Student Activities Fair? They’ll probably start sending you emails soon regarding when their first meetings will be! Go ahead and visit as many as possible to see what you’d like to be involved in this semester. Clubs are an excellent way to connect with new friends who are interested in the same things as you!
Check Your Email Daily Prior to college, email might not have been on your radar, but now it’s one of your main sources of communication! Be sure to keep an eye on your email throughout the day, as professors and various organizations will send you updates regarding assignments, mandatory meetings (such as the Royal Taps Program and PACT), and important upcoming events. Plus, don’t be afraid to email your professor with questions or concerns!

Pro Tips for Academic Success
Academic Advising/Center for Career Development Not sure you’re enjoying your classes? Worried about choosing a career? Set up a meeting with your academic advisor to change/drop a class, or schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Center for Career Development. They can talk through your concerns with you, and even give you a career assessment quiz to help find your strengths and passions.
Schedule an appointment with the Center for Career Development here:
Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) Struggling with a certain class? CTLE’s got you covered! Whether you need help with specific concepts or just want some extra practice, tutoring through CTLE is a great resource, plus it’s free! You will be assigned a student who has already taken the course and achieved a B+ or higher, and you will have the opportunity to meet weekly to ask questions and review problems. An email with sign-ups for tutoring will be hitting your inbox shortly, or you can send a request for a tutor to
Office Hours Tutoring is a great resource, but if you are having a lot of difficulty with a course, don’t hesitate to talk to the professor! Most professors generally have drop-in office hours three times per week, sometimes more! Take this opportunity to pay them a visit early on and introduce yourself, even if you don’t have any specific questions yet. Don’t be shy!
Career Expo Take that resume that the Center for Career Development helped you to fine-tune and head over to the Career Expo! Even if you don’t think that you’re ready to pursue an internship or actual job, the Career Expo is a great opportunity to get some experience with networking and talking to potential employers. The event will be held in the Byron Center on September 28 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Get Involved with the Campus Community!
USPB The University of Scranton Programming Board (USPB) provides tons of events to fill up your weekends and help you meet new friends! You can find more information about these events and others on RoyalSync, or text “USPB” to 71441 to stay updated on what’s going on!
Inauguration Returning as our 27th President, Rev. Pilarz, S.J., will be inaugurated before the campus community on Friday, Sept. 21. Show your support and help send a warm welcome to Fr. Pilarz with your fellow Royals!!
Family Weekend Invite your family to come and have a look into your life on campus! They will have opportunities to meet your professors, friends and try some of your favorite food here on campus! Family weekend is on Sept. 21 to Sept. 23. If you have any questions, you can call 570-941-4222 or email
Volunteer and Service Fair Looking to extend your involvement to the Scranton area? Stop by the Volunteer and Service Fair between 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Sept. 12! Local non-profit agency representatives from areas including health care, social justice, homelessness, and food and housing programs will offer their time to connect with students and sign-up volunteers!
For more information, contact
Interested in getting a taste of campus life here at The University of Scranton? We’d love to invite you for an information session and tour!
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