Conversation with an Alumnus

Ryan White graduated from the University of Scranton in 2006 with a degree in secondary education- communication/English. He is currently working at Kellenberg Memorial High School, a Catholic high school in Uniondale, New York, as an English teacher, guidance counselor and football, basketball and lacrosse coach.

Why did you decide to attend Scranton?

I decided to attend The University of Scranton because it was one of the first schools I visited and it felt like home. I walked onto the campus, and it was incredibly welcoming. I then went back for the Royal Nights program and it only solidified my choice as I got a real feel for the campus.

What clubs or organizations were you involved in on campus?

I was involved in a few clubs and activities, my most prominent extra-curricular was being a member of the lacrosse team. I also was an RA and gave tours to prospective students.

How has the University and the relationships you made here impacted your life?

The University helped shaped me in many facets, both while I was a student there and for the years to follow. The Education Department was terrific in helping me map my way to my career. I really feel though that the most significant impact on my life was the terrific people I met while I was there. Though we don’t see each other as regularly as we’d like, there is still a group of us that are friends from 16 years ago when we lived in Fitch Hall.

Also, I’d add that there are several things that I learned at my time there that still trickle down to my teaching and coaching today.

Is there anything else you would like to mention about the University?

Finding the type of school like Scranton during the college search is very rare; it was the perfect mix of what I needed to grow and what has led to sustained growth in the long haul. I can also say that there are several students who I’ve taught or coached that I speak to and share my story with in hopes that they also can continue their paths there as college students.

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