Students Present at Conference

In November, a group of students found themselves at an Entomological Society of America conference in Vancouver, Canada.  Julia McKinney, Matthew Barrett, Dylan Valente and Mike Moran made the trip with Dr. Marc Seid to present research each of them has been working on.

The group flew to Seattle, Washington, and drove from there to Vancouver.  On the way, they did some sightseeing.  McKinney ’20 said, “We went to the top of Mt. Baker in Washington. It was so pretty!  That was definitely my favorite part of the trip because I had never been to the West Coast before.”

The convention itself was filled with presentations from students and professors.  “It was cool because not only did we present our posters, but different professors walked around and looked at our posters and talked to us about them,” McKinney said.   “We also got to attend their talks and they presented their research. It was really cool to see.”

McKinney started her research at the start of her sophomore year at Scranton.

“My research was on the effects of sleep deprivation on biogenic amines and learning in Camponotus Floridanus ants,” McKinney said.  “My research was seeing how sleep deprivation effects the biogenic amines in the brain- quantitatively, and then how good or bad the ants are at learning after it.”

The trip was a great experience, according to McKinney, who enjoyed discussing the posters.

“My most asked question was, ‘So, what was your inspiration for this because this is kind of weird?’ but that was still pretty cool.”

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