#USGrad19: Conversation with a Senior

Marisa Guardino is a senior from New York majoring in human resources with minors in business and philosophy.  On campus, she is an RA, performs with LIVA and the all-female a cappella group, and also works as a Royal Ambassador under the office of Admissions.  We reached out to Marisa to talk to her about her time here at Scranton.

What were your expectations about college before coming to Scranton, and how have they changed or stayed the same after being here?

Most of my expectations were just normal of that of a senior in high school going away to college. I expected to take on a lot more responsibilities, have a lot more freedom, and have a much different experience than high school. All of those expectations were met and exceeded. The responsibilities that I took on at college just continued to grow as my years here progressed. I got involved in more things, my meal plans changed, my workload increased, etc. I definitely had a lot more freedom here at college than anywhere else, but as my responsibilities increased, I had to manage my free time more wisely. Lastly, my experience here is completely different than my experience in high school. The classes, studying and tests are much more complex than I was initially prepared for, and teachers are less lenient with late or missing assignments, but I adjusted quickly in order to keep up with the flow of things.

What is your favorite thing about Scranton?

My favorite thing about Scranton is, easily, the people. Everyone always talks about how the community here is one of the greatest things about being at Scranton, and they are absolutely correct. Every person I have encountered here at Scranton has been so open and genuinely kind. Even if you have only met someone once, people are always willing to stop and say hello or even have a conversation with you. It’s a running joke that if someone were to fall while on campus that person would immediately be swarmed by people ready to help them. Although it may just be a joke, it’s 100 percent correct. People care about each other here, even if they barely know one another. The people are what make Scranton feel like home for me.

What are some “bucket list” things you want to do before leaving Scranton?

Before leaving Scranton I would LOVE to stand on the roof of LSC, go sledding down the Redington Hill, study in Northern Lights, go to the new athletic field, attend a spring fest concert on the Dionne Green and go swimming in Chapman Lake.

What shocked you the most about your time here?

It shocked me how much my friendships have changed throughout the years. It is always odd to me when I pass someone in DeNaples that was one of my closest friends my first year, and now we walk past one another and almost forget to say hi because we forget we even know each other. However, part of what is shocking about the changes in friendship here at Scranton is that you still always see each other in passing because we have such a small school, and even though we are no longer close, the simple greetings we share with one another is always comfortable. These little occurrences are DEFINITELY things I am going to miss about this place.

What do you look forward to most about the future?

I am really looking forward to starting my career and figuring out how to be an adult in the real world. I am also looking forward to keeping up with my Scranton family long after graduation!

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