Coffeehouse Committee Member Victoria Pardi Talks USPB Open Mic Night

On Thursday, March 28, USPB hosted an Open Mic Night on first floor DeNaples.  Students and faculty signed up throughout the week.  USPB provided food, and free stickers and water bottles.  The Coffeehouse Committee: Victoria Pardi, Zoe Rodriguez, Carly Kreitzer and Deanna Leicht, organized a successful, fun night for the Scranton community.  We reached out to Victoria Pardi to find out more about the event.

What inspired having an open mic night?

This year the Coffeehouse Committee of USPB was excited to have students perform at Open Mic Night after having a successful Open Mic Night last school year.  We wanted to be able to give students the ability to showcase their talents and I think that we were able to provide that.

What was your favorite part of the night?

Personally, my favorite part of the night was being able to see all of the student performers on stage expressing themselves and showing their many talents from singing to playing different instruments, such as the guitar and the ukulele, we even had a student recite a poem she had written! Another highlight of the night was being able to give a karaoke machine away to one of our performers. Hui Chuan was so excited to win the karaoke machine, and when she gave me and my co-chair Zoe Rodriguez a hug I realized that many people do appreciate what USPB does for the campus community.

Why do you think this is a good event for students to go to?

I think this is a good event for students to go to because it shows that they support their fellow Royals! It’s always nice to have performers come to campus to sing to the students on First Floor DeNaples, but Open Mic Night was special in that those performers were peers, allowing for the campus community to come together as a whole.

Note: The applications for next year’s USPB board are up on RoyalSync right now and are due April 8th. If anyone has questions they can contact


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