2018-2019 Student Government Wrap-Up

Brennan Hall, room 500, was the setting for Student Government’s last meeting of the semester on Friday, April 28, 2019. Starting at 3:15 p.m, Senate had multiple guests attend the meeting to discuss the chartering of additional clubs on campus. In addition, the meeting ended with a summary of the work Student Government has accomplished over the 2018-2019 school year.

New Business

This past week, Student Government approved the chartering of two additional clubs on campus: The University of Scranton Running Club and The Entrepreneurship Club, pending future approvals. The Running Club hopes to establish a community of students interested in running in a noncompetitive environment, while The Entrepreneurship Club has as its goal of providing a creative space for students to pursue business-like ventures with additional University students. Both clubs would be open to all members of the University community.

Senate Summary of the 2018-2019 Year

At the beginning of the semester, the Student Government developed a plan, ReImagining SG, that covered many aspects of the student experience. From integrating student learning into additional courses to expanding discussions concerning diversity and inclusion, Student Government had much success in accomplishing these goals.

Rebranding Student Government

The first area of focus for Student Government this semester was rebranding the organization to increase transparency between Senate and the University community. With this in mind, Student Government designed a logo that is now currently used on all Student Government merchandise and advertisements.

 Expansion of Diversity and Inclusion Conversations on Campus

At the start of the semester, Student Government set out to expand the University’s conversations regarding diversity and inclusion initiatives with the development of a diversity and inclusion committee that includes students, staff, and faculty members.

Expansion of Programming Initiatives

Student Government expanded its programming initiatives this semester with the first ever Meet and Eat event. In addition, Student Government held its most successful Grocery Bingo event this year with over 300 students in attendance.

Updating New Initiative Funding

The Appropriations and Student Transitions Committee has worked with Cabinet and administrators in updating New Initiative Funding, redesigning this funding pool to be more accessible to clubs and organizations on campus.

Service Learning and Crosswalk Updates

Finally, the Academic and Scholastic Affairs Committee and the Safety, Justice, and Service Committee have both met with administrators and staff members to discuss the integration of service learning into KSOM and CAS courses as well as updating crosswalks on Mulberry Street.

In totality, Student Government, through its ReImagining SG plan, set lofty goals, but many were able to be accomplished over the course of the 2018-19 school year. Student Government would like to thank the University for their support in each endeavor and looks forward to the upcoming academic year to accomplish even more.

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