Advice for #Royals2023

We asked our Instagram followers for move-in day advice for the class of 2023! Here’s what they said:

Get to know everyone in your dorm. These people turn into family.

Keep your door open while you’re setting up so you can meet your dorm-mates!!

Wear something comfortable and bring a fan for sure!

Commuters – there’s tons of stuff going on on-campus. Don’t miss out!

Just relax and breathe! Everything will be fine <3 I wish I was moving in again!

Pack snacks!!!

Cherish every moment. You’ll wish you can go back to this day for the rest of your life.

You don’t need a lot of hands-on deck because the move-in volunteers help you! #ROYALS

Give your parents a big hug! This is a hard day for them.

Take a deep breath! It’s ok to be nervous!

Take a family selfie before your parents leave!

Get out and about on campus! Attend the events and meet your new friends!

Enjoy it! 4 years flies by quick!

Learn something new every day.

Give your parents a hug and thank them!

Enjoy every second! Next year you’re moving yourself in.

Go to the Mass!

Pack things in plastic stackable bins! Keeps you organized and makes packing up easier in May.

Embrace all new things!

Eat with your roomie on night 1! Then walk around together to find your classrooms.

Be yourself.

Label everything and let the purple people do all the work!

Bring shower shoes!

Bring a fan and pack light!

Don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s such a fun and exciting day, so be present and take it all in <3

Wear comfy clothes! It’ll be hot and there’s a lot to do.

Make your bed first!!

Enjoy it. Let your parents take the pics.

Work hard.

HYDRATE! And make sure parents don’t do any heavy lifting! They got you this far!

Relax and have fun! Freshman year flies by!

Ask your floormates to get a meal! I can guarantee they will be relieved.

Cherish every second. It happens only once.

Don’t forget wall decoration!

You don’t need nearly as much stuff as you think.

Bring extension cords! Not all of your stuff will reach where you need it to.

Set up your bed and fans first!!!

Keep your door open when in your room for the first week to meet your floormates.

Bring clothes already on hangers in a garbage bag for easy unpacking!

Look up where your classrooms/buildings are before heading out the first day.

Be excited about the best four years of your life!

The maintenance staff is the best! Be sure to say hi!

Those you meet on your freshman dorm floor become your lifelong friends. #DayOnes

Label everything.

Move your furniture before you unpack!

Go to the events that OAs, Res Life, and USPB have planned! You’ll make so many friends!!

Try not to stress about your room being perfect and hug your parents goodbye!

Bring scissors and tape for help opening or closing boxes!

Don’t be afraid to go and see your floor mates just to say hi! 

This is the first day of many, you have a long time to figure everything out. Don’t stress!

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