Getting Involved with Student Government

By Lauren Earnshaw

Looking for a way to get involved on campus? Interested in making an impact on the University community? Look no further than the Student Government here at Scranton.

We go the low-down from Student Government President, Fahad Ashraf ’20, and Vice President, Jeff Colucci ’21 on all things Student Government.

“Student Government is an organization on campus led by students, for students,” Ashraf said.

Student Government works to make meaningful change to benefit the University community.

“We serve as a resource for any student at the University to make sure their voices are heard, pass legislation that can directly enact change in this campus community, charter new clubs and fund existing clubs,” Ashraf said.

Members of Student Government also partake in several campus committees.

“We work closely with faculty and staff to make Scranton an even better place than it already is,” Colucci said.

Student Government is made up of two branches, which are the Cabinet and the Senate. The President, Vice President, Chief of Staff, Executive Treasurer, Director of Communications, Director of Technology and Secretary make up the Cabinet, and the Senate consists of four class Senators, three Residential Senators, two Off-Campus Senators, two Commuter Senators and one International Senator.

Senators are placed across five committees, which are Appropriations & Student Transitions, Academic & Scholastic Affairs, Athletics & Programming, Campus Life & Dining, and Safety Justice & Service.

“In these committees, Senators work on projects such as writing bills or resolutions and serve as liaisons to specific University offices,” Colucci said.

With these committees and positions, there are a lot of opportunities to get involved with Student Government.

Elections for first-year students are quickly approaching, which creates a great way for first-year students to get involved right away.

There are also eight other vacant Senate seats that Student Government is filling the first week of September.

“If anyone is interested in joining this semester, they can find a link to the current application in our welcome email or on Student Government’s RoyalSync page. While the deadline for that application is September 3 at 11:59 p.m., students can definitely look out for any more vacant seats as the year progresses!” Ashraf said.

There are Spring Elections every year, which will be sometime in the middle of next semester.

“Each year in March, we hold elections for the Executive ticket and for the rest of the Senate seats,” Colucci said.

“Everyone must run again for a position, and this is an excellent time for new members to participate and join Student Government if they are interested,” Ashraf said.

Ashraf emphasized that one does not need to be an official member of Student Government to participate.

“We are always looking for suggestions, ideas or ways to support students. Our Senate meetings on Friday afternoons are open to the public, so anyone is welcome to join,” Ashraf said.

For any further questions about getting involved, whether it be in Student Government or any other organization on campus, students can contact or, or students can stop by the Student Government Office to talk!

Student Government may end up enhancing your Scranton experience.

“Working with Student Government is one of the many ways Students can channel their interests and help make the most of their Scranton experience,” Ashraf said.



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