Club Spotlight: Society for Sustainability and Conservation

Why not get involved while also working to help the environment?

Society for Sustainability and Conservation’s table at the Club Fair. Pictured: Megan Dowd and Taylor Limone (left to right).

The Society for Sustainability and Conservation (SSC) is the new name for what used to be called the Sustainability Club on campus. The SSC hopes to continue what the old club did and more.

Tate Ackerman ’20 is president of the Society for Sustainability and Conservation.

“The SSC hopes to continue the good work that was done by the old Sustainability Club while also adding an emphasis on environmental conservation! We also will be doing many more service and educational events to help students get involved and make a difference in the community,” said Ackerman.

The club aims to educate students on the environmental problems the world faces while also seeking solutions and taking action.

“For example, we planted more than 70 trees last year, which will make a significant impact on our local environment. This year, we have dozens of events planned on and off campus, from painting birdhouses with Art Club to advocating for sustainable cosmetics, and much more!” Ackerman said.

If you are interested in joining the Society for Sustainability and Conservation’s mission, the club would be happy to have you.

“Anyone and everyone is welcome at our biweekly SSC meetings, where members and officers can volunteer to give mini-presentations and/or lead discussions about topics related to conservation or sustainability. Additionally, we are always looking for volunteers to help plant trees with us and participate in our other service events, whether they’re members or not!” Ackerman said.

The club meets every other Monday and has two or three bigger events a month. To learn more information joining the club and the club itself, feel free to contact Ackerman at or talk to conservation chair, St. John Whittaker or sustainability chair, Ryan Culley.

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