What to Expect: Open House at The University of Scranton

Open House days at Scranton are a great way to get to know aspects of Scranton that you cannot get from looking online or in catalogs.

These days allow students and families to get more depth about what it is like to be a University of Scranton student.

(At Open House) prospective students are able to talk to faculty from different departments; see labs in departments such as the sciences, occupational therapy and kinesiology; get information from programs, clubs, sports teams, financial aid, etc.; and tour our beautiful campus!” Grace Dickson ’20, co-director in the Admissions office said.

Go into an Open House day with an open mind and a willingness to experience.

“The best way to make the most out of Open House is to take advantage of the plethora of information waiting to be given to visiting families,” Dickson said.

Besides making judgments about the University yourself, tour guides will take you around campus while giving personal anecdotes. This way, you will get the inside scoop from a reputable source.

“Tour guides will be sharing their own Scranton stories, what they have done during their college career, and providing personal touches on the information they are relaying to families. This is an aspect of the day that makes Scranton’s Open House so special. It gives people a chance to hear first-person perspectives on student involvement and opportunities,” Dickson said.

When you are taking in all the information and perspectives, be sure to try to put yourself in their shoes. Can you envision yourself having these experiences? Maybe then The University of Scranton is the place for you.

The advice and insights given by tour guides and University students and employees throughout the Open House can help you understand that The University of Scranton does much more than train you for a profession. 

“Rather, we help you fuel your existing passions and help you explore passions that you discover along the way of your Scranton journey,” Dickson said.

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