Club Spotlight: Anime Club

To continue our Club Highlight series, we are taking a look at the Anime Club at The University of Scranton.

“Our mission is to create a friendly space for students to watch and discuss anime. We attempt to cater to both long-time fans as well as newcomers with an array of shows and discussion topics,” said Anime Club president James Ruff.

The members of the club vote each week to decide on the genre of the week. The club then meets weekly on campus to watch the first episodes of three series of that genre.

“By introducing three series, we attempt to exemplify the genre with our members so that they may pursue it on their own if they are interested. This way, if a member is disinterested in a series or genre, they may be introduced to a series they like despite this, or, at worst, only have to endure one meeting’s worth of those types of shows. We also have brief discussions about each series before and after we show them,” Ruff said.

These meetings occur from 8 to 9:30 p.m. every Tuesday in LSC 433. 

To get involved, attend a meeting! There are no dues or attendance requirements. You can also join on their Royal Sync page to get weekly updates on the club’s activities.

If you have any additional concerns, e-mail

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