International Students Find a Home for the Holidays

The Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are an exciting time of year for Scranton students. Many have not been home in a while, and the end of the semester means a lot of stressful tests and project due dates. Thanksgiving break alleviates this time of stress and refreshes students before Dead Week and finals. After the semester, most students are able to go home for the long winter break to prepare and relax before the spring semester.

Although most students have the privilege of going home for the Thanksgiving break to celebrate and spend time with family, international students typically stay in Scranton. 

“These students stay around Scranton to either catch up with school work, do some short distance travel, do some Black Friday shopping, sleep in and chill and hang out with friends,” Director of Global Education, Huey Shi Chew, said.

Some international students get invited to homes by their friends to Thanksgiving meals, and if they do not, the Office of Global Education tries to match students with host families.

“Since last year, the Office of Global Education tries to match the international students who are NOT traveling, with host families, during the holidays. The Office sees this as a win-win situation for the international students and the host family. The international students get to experience an important American holiday and the host family in return, gets to experience and learn from the international guest about his/her culture,” Shi Chew said.

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