Students Pay it Forward to Show Support

Students wrote letters to friends during the Pay It Forward event on Wednesday, Nov. 20. USPB created the event to give students the opportunity to encourage their friends during this hectic time of year and support them. It all took just a little more time than writing a few texts, but with a bigger impact.

Students writing cards as part of the USPB Pay It Forward Event.

“With this event, we provide a way for students to let their friends know they care about them,” said Deniya Thompson, USPB vice chair.

Thompson believes this event allows the organization to better the University community.

“We want to give back on campus and show love for our friends and our community,” she said.

Students took the cards they wrote at the event with them to give to their friends.

Katie Donnelly ’20 wrote a letter to her friend, Devin Limper ’20.

“I knew she had a lot of projects and assignments due right before and after Thanksgiving break, so I wanted to write her a note as a little morale booster. I’m glad this event gave me the idea,” Donnelly said.

Limper appreciated the note from Donnelly.

“It was such a nice gesture at just the right time. I’m lucky to have a friend like her,” Limper said.

T-shirts at the event.

Participants could also grab a t-shirt after swiping into the event, which was free.

To find out more about USPB and its events throughout the semester and year, visit their page here.

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