Scranton Club Sports Teams Keep in Touch

The cheerleading team poses for a picture at UCA College Nationals in Florida.

SCRANTON, PA – September 17, 2020

The University of Scranton temporarily paused student activity for a two-week period starting Sept. 16. Scranton also paused club sports, but the teams keep in touch through social media and other digital methods.

Emily Garcia, vice president of the cheerleading team, said that the team communicates through GroupMe, a messaging app.

“Our GroupMe is normally used for important updates and reminders throughout the season, but we often use it not to check in on each other and make sure everyone is doing well with the semester,” Garcia said.

Back in March, the team stayed in contact through Zoom meetings. Garcia said the team checked in with each other through the meetings.

“The Zoom meetings let us bond as if we were back in Scranton,” Garcia said. “It was really nice to hear everyone’s voice and see all of them again.”

The cheer team relied on their social media accounts to keep everyone connected over quarantine, too. Garcia said social media allowed the team to keep in touch.

“We take great pride in our social media accounts,” Garcia said. “We often interact through our posts, and it’s always great to hear from the girls and get their support.”

Emily Garcia poses for her cheerleading picture.

Garcia studies occupational therapy at Scranton and started her junior year this fall. She has cheered at Scranton since her freshman year and said that she looks forward to getting back to practices with her teammates.

“Although our practices are serious and goal-oriented, we are able to socialize and have a ton of laughs. It’s nice to take a break from the books and spend time with the team,” Garcia said.

Scranton Cheer attends men’s and women’s home basketball games every season. Garcia said she misses the student engagement the cheerleaders experience at the games.

“It’s always exciting to see students and other Scranton basketball fans attending games. It means that we are increasing school spirit, which is one of our main goals,” Garcia said.

The team also spends time outside of practice, whether grabbing food or just hanging out. Garcia said she misses seeing her teammates all of the time.

“Cheer can make any day better, even if it’s just getting dinner with a few of the girls,” Garcia said, “I have a special connection with each of my teammates, and I know that I have made lifelong friends through Scranton Cheer.”

Scranton Cheer is on hold until athletics are permitted to return on campus. Once they are allowed to practice and attend events, the team plans to have tryouts for the season.

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