Scranton Students Celebrate Friendsgiving

Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November, but what about the third Thursday of November? 

Friendsgiving has become a widely recognized occasion by young adults. Whether it is on the third Thursday or the weekend before Thanksgiving, friends get together and eat some Thanksgiving staples. The way to go for Friendsgiving is potluck style. This means a friend group crafts an excel spreadsheet on a Google Drive, each person signs up for something to bring and young adults cook Thanksgiving food for the first time ever, probably.

From my own Friendsgiving experiences — and also from asking around — it turns out Friendsgiving is alive and well at The University of Scranton. Scranton students gathered around off-campus or on-campus tables and indulged in turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and more. What better way to spend time with friends and take a break from the end-of-the-semester stress than to eat a ton of food?

Left to right: Ward, Danielle Abril, Devin Ball and Cara Knieser.

Alexis Ward ’20 had a Friendsgiving with her roommates. The group was glad to find a time for them to be together.

“We had (Friendsgiving) because with our schedules being so busy, it’s hard to get the whole friend group together, so we used it as an opportunity to get everyone in the same room and celebrate our friendships,” Ward said.

An even bigger Friendsgiving went on in a nearby apartment.

Friendsgiving Zoë Haggerty and Mary McCafferty attended.

Zoë Haggerty ’20 celebrated Friendsgiving with 15 friends in her company. The group used to spend a lot more time together, but schedules have gotten in the way a little more this semester. Friendsgiving came at the perfect time for them.

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Getting to Know Downtown Scranton: Restaurants

As college students, we love to eat. Whether it is on campus or off, eating with friends is a great way to hang out with and get to know people. The city of Scranton offers plenty of food options, so one of the best ways to get off campus for a little is to go out to eat. Ranging from pub food to seafood to Thai food, Scranton has your cravings covered. Read below about some of the best downtown Scranton options for food.

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Students Pay it Forward to Show Support

Students wrote letters to friends during the Pay It Forward event on Wednesday, Nov. 20. USPB created the event to give students the opportunity to encourage their friends during this hectic time of year and support them. It all took just a little more time than writing a few texts, but with a bigger impact.

Students writing cards as part of the USPB Pay It Forward Event.

“With this event, we provide a way for students to let their friends know they care about them,” said Deniya Thompson, USPB vice chair.

Thompson believes this event allows the organization to better the University community.

“We want to give back on campus and show love for our friends and our community,” she said.

Students took the cards they wrote at the event with them to give to their friends.

Katie Donnelly ’20 wrote a letter to her friend, Devin Limper ’20.

“I knew she had a lot of projects and assignments due right before and after Thanksgiving break, so I wanted to write her a note as a little morale booster. I’m glad this event gave me the idea,” Donnelly said.

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International Students Find a Home for the Holidays

The Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks are an exciting time of year for Scranton students. Many have not been home in a while, and the end of the semester means a lot of stressful tests and project due dates. Thanksgiving break alleviates this time of stress and refreshes students before Dead Week and finals. After the semester, most students are able to go home for the long winter break to prepare and relax before the spring semester.

Although most students have the privilege of going home for the Thanksgiving break to celebrate and spend time with family, international students typically stay in Scranton. 

“These students stay around Scranton to either catch up with school work, do some short distance travel, do some Black Friday shopping, sleep in and chill and hang out with friends,” Director of Global Education, Huey Shi Chew, said.

Some international students get invited to homes by their friends to Thanksgiving meals, and if they do not, the Office of Global Education tries to match students with host families.

“Since last year, the Office of Global Education tries to match the international students who are NOT traveling, with host families, during the holidays. The Office sees this as a win-win situation for the international students and the host family. The international students get to experience an important American holiday and the host family in return, gets to experience and learn from the international guest about his/her culture,” Shi Chew said.

Soccer and Field Hockey Landmark Conference Champions Head to NCAA Tournament

Both the women’s soccer and field hockey teams won the Landmark Conference Championship this past weekend. Next up for both teams: the NCAA tournament. Women’s soccer has been in the tournament the past few years, but this is the field hockey team’s first appearance in it since 1997.

The teams are excited to perform on this stage with such a high level of competition. As a member of the field hockey team, I know that it is such an honor to be in the NCAA tournament bracket, and my teammates feel the same way.

“It’s an honor to be playing in the tournament. It is such a cool experience, and it’s so exciting to be hosting the first game on our home field,” said Nicolette Keale ’20, captain of the field hockey team.

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Celebrating First-Generation Students in the University Community

The University of Scranton celebrated National First-Generation College Day On Nov. 8. 

Trivia: Michelle Obama is a First-Generation student.

The event took place on Second Floor DeNaples from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The National First-Generation College Celebration recognized Royals who are the first in their families to complete a four-year degree. Twenty-two percent of the undergraduate student body at The University of Scranton are first-generation students.

“This event serves to celebrate the successes of all first-generation students. It also shows how many first-generation students there are on campus, while also highlighting notable figures who are first-generation students, like Father Pilarz and Michelle Obama,” Robert McGowan, THR1VE Program Coordinator, said.

The THR1VE program organized this celebration. The University launched THR1VE last year to benefit first-generation students, as the program seeks to celebrate and support those who identify as first-generation college students.
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