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Student Club Spotlight: PRSSA

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) has a local chapter here at The University of Scranton, the club is headed by president, Kelly Lappin, and vice president, Dania El-Ghazal. The objective of PRSSA is to enhance the education of public relations professionals (although the club is open to any major or concentration) through real public relations work and cases, as well as broaden the students’ professional network and aid in launching careers post-graduation. PRSSA helps to develop superior leadership abilities among its members as well as create more engaged and professional public relations students. This club helps to foster community engagement and create service-minded individuals.

“I originally joined PRSSA to have real-world experience in public relations. After three years of PRSSA, I found that it was one of my best choices in my Scranton career,” said Kelly Lappin, ’18, president of PRSSA. “Last year I was given the opportunity to become president of PRSSA and I decided this was my chance to help others find their calling in the communication world,”

PRSSA has done a multitude of cases and volunteer work with The University of Scranton. For example, last year PRSSA hosted “Happiness Week” which was centered on the mission of eliminating the negative stigma associated with mental health as well as garnering awareness to mental health issues.

This year, PRSSA is working alongside the Leahy Clinic to help with marketing, advertising and branding of the clinic in order to reach out to a wider range of audiences and gather attention for the work that the clinic does for, not only the University but, for the local Scranton community. PRSSA is also currently working on the Bateman Case Study in preparation for the presentation of their findings at the national conference held each year.

For more information about PRSSA, visit their page.

Oct. 30: A Sunday in the Life of Dr. George Gomez

Who is Dr. George Gomez – in his words?

At Scranton, I run a pretty busy laboratory that currently has 10 research students (8 who are in the honors program). I also teach courses that have laboratories where students do independent research projects. This means that a lot of my time at school is spent mentoring both my course students and my research students. My wife and I also participate in the University’s performance music ensembles, so our Monday and Thursday nights are taken up by rehearsals for the University Singers, while her Tuesday night is taken up by rehearsals for the String Orchestra. My wife also plays with the Wyoming Seminary Civic Symphony Orchestra, which takes up her Sunday evenings.

A (Busy) Day Off:

My wife and dedicate Sundays as a day for ourselves. However, we never keep a regular activity schedule. Many weekends are spent with my mother-in-law (who lives in Chester County) so on the Sundays we are there, we run on her schedule. It’s also a three-hour trip back to northeast Pennsylvania, so we allocate travel time for that. Sometimes we visit my sister who lives in New York City or plan a short weekend getaway. On occasion, I have to come to work on a Sunday to do some research-related activities, or prepare for laboratory for the coming week. Continue reading

Why I Chose Scranton

It’s Open House season so we asked some current students why THEY chose Scranton. Here’s what they had to say:

My Dad went here. I really liked that I had family legacy as well. I’m a student athlete, so the athletics program on campus was a huge deciding factor for me. -Connor Kirkwood ’20

The overall friendly, tight-knit atmosphere that the school provided on my tour was the deciding factor for me. -Michael Elefonte ’20

Here at Scranton, the learning disabled program is really good. They accepted my IEPs and were extremely willing to help students with their studies. -Joe Brancato ’20

I chose Scranton because I was accepted to the PT program. -Hazel Skarbek ’19

I chose Scranton because of the environment I felt when I first walked on campus. -Megan Melchione ’19 Continue reading

Fall Open House

Every fall, The University of Scranton hosts its annual Open Houses for prospective students and their parents to come and check out the campus and learn about what the University has to offer. There are numerous events that attendees can take part in such as the campus tour, seeing the dorm rooms, learning about all of the different clubs and having lunch in the DeNaples Center. Open House is a great way for people to really get a grasp on what the University is like and whether or not Scranton is a good choice for them.

Continue reading

Love Your Body

This past Wednesday, CHEW on held a “Love Your Body” event to educate students and help them steer clear of stereotypes and to be comfortable in their own skin. There was were poster boards with information on weight averages, correct portion sizes, healthy eating tips and games to help men and women learn to love themselves for who they are.

CHEW is trying to get across to students that they shouldn’t look at others’ body images to be comfortable with who they are. They want to defy stereotypes and steer clear of the way people “think” they should look. CHEW also wants people to be healthy and eat correctly so that, in the case they do want to lose weight, they do it in the right way.

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Oct. 17: A Rainy Day in Scranton

Rainy days in Scranton. Scranton weather is something we not only get used to but come to love. So, what is there to do in Scranton when the rain falls? Here are some things I find to do when being outside is not an option:
Netflix: I would say this is my go-to. Climbing into bed, wrapped in my trusty blanket with a warm cup of tea is all just a part of my Netflix ritual. I have even begun to look forward to those rainy days when I can laze away for the day.
Homework/Studying: Okay, maybe this one should have been first. When you are stuck inside because of some rain that’s the best time to crack open some textbooks and crank out some of the work I was procrastinating doing.
The Byron Center: If you’re brave enough to dart through the rain to the Byron Center a pickup game of basketball or dodge-ball is another way my friends and I like to have fun on rainy Scranton days.
Take a shopping trip: We love to take trips to the Viewmont Mall and/or Target to window shop for some nice apartment decorations or buy a new outfit that we know we absolutely do not need.
Play in the rain: Because, why not? Life is too short not step outside and enjoy each moment you have with friends. Splash around in the puddles, a muddy game of soccer on the Green, or even dancing in the rain. No matter what it is, make it a memory worthwhile.

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