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#USGrad18 Countdown to Commencement Senior Q and A: Zach McGill

Q: What is one of the biggest lessons you learned after your time at Scranton?

A: I learned that if you or someone you know has a problem or an issue that it’s okay to go and ask for help. No one has to handle anything on their own, especially at a place like the University.

Q: What is one thing you will miss about The University of Scranton?

A: Definitely being able to see my friends every day. You never realize how convenient and close they are until you all move to different places after graduation.

Q: What is one piece of advice you have for incoming or current students at The University of Scranton?

A: Be open…to people, activities, clubs, events and fun. It’s the best thing you can do if you want to have a fulfilling campus life and college experience.

#USGrad18 Countdown to Commencement Senior Q and A: Josef Kampfe

Q:  What is a major life lesson you learned after your time at Scranton?

A: Independence is something that should be cherished, don’t rely on someone else for something that you can do yourself.

Q: What is one thing you’ll miss the most about your time in college?

A: Being surrounded by my best friends on campus.

Q: What is one piece of advice for incoming or current students at The University of Scranton?

A: Be genuine, be open to meeting new people & learning new things, and always stay true to yourself.

Take Back the Night

April 2018

By Christina Brannon

Students rallied against sexual assault and violence during the annual Take Back the Night event last Thursday. They gathered together as a sign of solidarity and resistance to the violence that affects students on campuses across the nation.

University students marched around brightly colored t-shirts to bring awareness to a darker side of college culture, sexual assault. The t-shirts were a part of The Clothesline Project” which is a means of expression for those affected by violence to be able to share their story. The shirts were designed with messages of hope, inspirational quotes, and snippets of real-life stories from survivors.

“This event is so important to everyone, not just college students. Violence of this kind affects us all,” said a member of the class of 2019, who would like to remain anonymous. “Survivors sometimes feel shamed or that they can’t tell their story, and this is part of the problem. We need to rally together, fight back with love, and give the survivors a voice. Once we give survivors a voice, we will start to see fewer victims and more empowered individuals. I’m glad that I’m able to be a part of something so important.”

While the topic of sexual violence is surrounded by a cloud of negativity, the students who came together for this event fought back with love and positivity. Together, they are changing the narrative and re-writing stories of pain into stories of hope and resilience. A popular mantra throughout the night was, “Alone, we are a drop. But together, we are the ocean.” This quote was personified by waves of people marching around campus that were creating tangible change to end sexual violence.

Pet Therapy Day Brings the Puppies (and Smiles) to Campus

By Christina Brannon

The biannual pet therapy day here on campus was a huge success this spring semester, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. With more than 55 dogs in attendance, almost 1,000 students came out to de-stress, unwind and enjoy a sunny day on the Green.

With finals approaching and last-minute assignments piling up, Pet Therapy Day was a much-needed and well-deserved outlet for the students. While the 4.0 grind may be stressful, hugging some of the most adorable dogs Scranton can offer certainly made it all worth it.

Nicole Disantos ’20 never misses this event.

“I love Pet Therapy Day because, as cheesy as it sounds, pets are really therapeutic for students. They’re something cute and adorable that distract you from the stress of school for a little,” he said.

As the year comes to a close, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with work and not take time to relax. Pet Therapy Day was a little reminder to slow down, take it easy and enjoy yourself. Studying is important, but it is equally important to enjoy personal time and show some love to adorable pets while you’re at it. Pet Therapy gave students a chance to clear their heads and gain a more positive mindset before gearing up to finish up the last few weeks of classes. The best part was, the dogs didn’t even care about anyone’s GPAs or assignments, as long as they were given belly rubs.

Sammy, golden doodle, dog of Kate Musto, class of 2020




The Great Commons Ball Roll 2018

By: Olivia Adams

As the countdown from 10 finished, an avalanche of tennis balls came out of a truck and down the commons. The Great Commons Ball Roll had officially begun.

Students, faculty, staff and even a few puppies lined the barricades for the balls, cheering as rolled and bounced toward the finish line. Who knew watching tennis balls could draw such a crowd? Well, with sunshine, pizza, Italian ice, 130 different prizes and a good cause, the University’s International Service Programs (ISP) knew.

ISP hosted the event to raise money for their many service trips.

“We’re raising money for our club, and also the trips,” said junior ISP member, Emily Erickson. “Students have to pay a flat rate when we go on the trips, but all the fundraising we do, especially the ball roll, helps for our costs.” Erickson will be going to El Salvador this summer with CRISPAZ, a faith-based organization helping bring help to people in need in El Salvador.

The Great Commons Ball Roll was a huge success! ISP sold 4,084 balls, the most ever in club history. This generated an estimated almost $9,000. More than 400 students shuffled through the crowd to grab a slice and some Italian ice, on top of donating to a great cause! The event offered 120 boxes of pizza, 130 prizes for the winners of the ball roll — donated by ISP members — and Rita’s for everyone in attendance.

The winners of the ball roll are posted on second floor of The DeNaples Center and also can be seen in the Royal News, here.

Stay in touch: How to be an Alumni

With May right around the corner and graduation closing in, the senior class is preparing themselves to become the next batch of alumni entering the real world as they leave The University of Scranton with lifelong friends, lasting memories and a transformative Jesuit education. One of the best things about the time spent in Scranton is the community and familial atmosphere that resides on campus. This could be one of the reasons that students, who go on to become alumni, want to stay in touch and give back to the University. But, how do the alumni stay in touch? Check out the ways below:

1) Regional Engagements: The Scranton Clubs promote a variety of options for alumni to reengage through volunteering. The regional clubs throughout the United States bring the Scranton community to where you are. Volunteer and join the regional Scranton Club, aid by participating, coordinating and carrying out the events in your area.
2) Professional connections: The professional groups that bring information and support to current students enrolled at the University as well as other alumni. Some of these groups are the President’s Business Council that looks to further the University’s mission, and the Medical Alumni Council, which helps undergraduate pre-health professional students through education in health-related programs, networking and advice on entering health professional schools, as well as access to leading professionals in related fields.
3) The Alumni Society: With an increasing priority upon service to the members that join The Alumni Society, the goal is to show the alumni that there are many pluses to keeping strong ties with your alma mater.
4) Reunions: And, of course, gathering back at the place where it all started, The University of Scranton where you can reunite with old friends, faculty and other professional alumni.
5) Giving Back: Finally, the last way to show your Scranton pride is giving back to the University. Specifically, through The Royal Fund, The President’s Business Council, The President’s Circle, Scholarships and fundraising events, such as 506 Weekend.

To learn more about staying in touch with The University of Scranton, check out the Alumni page on the University’s website, here.


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