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What Has Student Government Been Up To?

By: Maddie Sunday, Student Government Director of Communications

Over intersession and into the spring semester, Student Government has been busy attending conferences, working on projects, planning an event, but most importantly, crafting a new plan for the upcoming semester.

The intersession season began with the president of Student Government Matthew Coughlin’s departure to St. Louis University to attend the Jesuit Student Government Association’s Winter Summit. This was the inaugural meeting for the association, which will serve as a medium for Jesuit student governments to explore topics, express ideas and collaborate on projects. The JSGA Winter Summit hosted representatives from 21 Jesuit colleges and universities to discuss issues such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and structural organization, all aimed at tackling concerns that each college and university face.

As Coughlin noted, “I think the importance of the JSGA cannot be emphasized enough. The ability to sit down and have conversations with student body presidents from numerous institutions gave insight beyond superficial conversations.”

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Conversation with a First-Year Student

Alex Garza is a first-year student from New Jersey majoring in occupational therapy.  We reached out to Alex to find out about her first semester here at Scranton.

What were your expectations about college before coming to Scranton, and how have they changed or stayed the same after spending a semester here?

Before coming to college, I was extremely nervous because this was my first time away from home for more than a couple of months. I knew the coursework would be harder, and I knew I was coming into this school not knowing anyone. I didn’t really have a lot of expectations because everyone’s college experience is different. After staying a semester here, my expectations changed, and it has been a great experience so far.

What is your favorite thing about Scranton?

My favorite thing at Scranton so far is the activities I’m involved in and the friends I’ve made here. My two favorite things I’m involved in are the Royal Harmony a cappella group and the Liva Arts performing arts program. My first semester with Royal Harmony was so much fun! This was my first time doing a cappella and it was an interesting experience. Those girls are like my family here, and they’re really good friends of mine! I just got into the musical for Liva Arts and, so far, the experience has been amazing! The kids are so nice, and I can’t wait to perform with them in April. I’ve been performing for years and finally doing it in college makes me so happy.

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Royals’ Resolutions 2019

The New Year is a time for a fresh start. While a new date on the calendar doesn’t necessarily indicate major life changes, there seems to be a hopefulness and aspiration to be better when December fades into January. Whether it’s breaking bad habits, implementing healthier lifestyle choices or just sprinkling subtle hints of positive changes into your everyday life, there are countless ways to enhance yourself and start anew. Here are some ways our fellow Royals are turning New Year’s resolutions into New Year’s Revolutions to make 2019 one for the books.

Our own John Norcross, professor of psychology who has done research in this area, said that you should stay positive.

“My New Year’s resolution is to spend less time on social media since it seems to consume me for hours. Being back at school has actually helped with the resolution since school and friends keep me busy and away from checking my phone constantly.”
-Maveli Espitia, ’20

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Club Spotlight: Bible Club

Michael Diehl is the president of The University of Scranton Bible Club. He is a sophomore forensic accounting major and Spanish minor from Hopewell Junction, New York. We caught up with him to ask him about what goes on in Bible Club.

How long has Bible Club been active?

Bible Club has been active since spring 2017. The former president, Tim Zinna, started the club during the spring of his junior year and continued to run it through the following year until he graduated.

Do you have to be Christian to come and learn about the Bible?

There is no religious requirement for coming to Bible Club. We have people from many different walks of faith. Our only goal is to look at what the Bible says and what it is supposed to mean for our lives and our understanding of God. We encourage anyone to come regardless of how much prior knowledge they have. In fact, unfamiliarity with the Bible is the reason all of us attend. Continue reading

Upcoming Events, Feb. 8 to Feb. 15

There is so much happening on and around campus. We don’t want you to miss any of it. Here’s a list of what’s happening.

Friday 2/8

Saturday 2/9

Sunday 2/10

Monday 2/11

Tuesday 2/12

Wednesday 2/13

Thursday 2/14

Friday 2/15

Winter Club and Activities Fair

The winter club and activities fair took place Friday, Feb. 1, in the DeNaples Ballroom.  The Ballroom was packed with club tables, students and even a fry bar!  The club fair is a great way for new students to learn about the different activities the school has to offer.  Returning students also attend and often find clubs that they hadn’t previously known about.  New clubs are made every semester, so the fair is a good way to find out new ways to get involved on campus.  If you missed the club fair, you can find information about all of the University’s clubs on RoyalSync!


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