Fat Tuesday Celebration Held on Campus

Campus Ministries hosted a Fat Tuesday celebration on Tuesday, March 5.  Fat Tuesday is a day of feasting before fasting on Ash Wednesday.

Beaded necklaces with information about Campus Ministries’ Center for Service and Social Justice were handed out encouraging attendees: “Don’t give something UP, give something MORE!”

Second-floor DeNaples was a party scene from 11:30 to 1 p.m., with music pumping, blow-up dinosaurs and, everyone’s favorite, a chocolate fountain.

The floor was packed with students conversing and enjoying treats covered in chocolate.

Other Fat Tuesday celebrations included a bake sale in Brennan Hall to support the Society of Accounting Students.

Information from Campus Ministries about volunteering can be found here.



Domestic Outreach Trips

Each year, Campus Ministries’ Center for Service and Social Justice runs a number of service trips over Intersession and spring break. Domestic Outreach Trips in 2019 include trips to Homeboy Industries, the St. Bernard Project, White Violet Center for EcoJustice and many more!

Students at Homeboy Industries (pictured left) will “serve at-risk youth and adults with the largest and most comprehensive gang intervention and rehabilitation program in the country.”

Students at the St. Bernard Project will “repair and rebuild homes.”

Students at White Violet Center for EcoJustice will “Engage in hands-on and educational experiences that focus on environmental justice and sustainability.”

These are just a few of the locations that University of Scranton students will be visiting this year.

Grace Dickson ’20 is facilitating the group on this year’s Domestic Outreach trip to White Violet Center for EcoJustice in Indiana.

“Domestic Outreach Trips are an amazing opportunity for students,” Dickson said.  “It gives students the chance to travel in the best way possible: learning about seeing new locations for what they really are, not just the tourist stops.  These trips allow students to gain new perspectives of our country by serving those who are marginalized in various types of service.”

More information about Domestic Outreach trips can be found here.


Safe Trick-or-Treat

On Saturday, Oct. 27, the University of Scranton hosted Safe Trick-or-Treat.  This event gives local kids and their families an opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe and friendly environment.

The Center for Service and Social Justice invited guests from local community partners to partake in the day’s events.  Many students volunteered their time throughout the day.  The Byron was set up with Halloween themed games and activities for the kids to play, managed by the University’s clubs and teams.

Students walked the families to different residence halls so they could go trick-or-treating! Residence halls were decked-out in spooky Halloween fashion, with pumpkins, ghosts and spider webs at every turn. The event gave kids a safe place to enjoy the holiday.

A great time was had by all.

“I love Safe Trick-or-Treat because it provides a safe space for children to take part in a tradition that they otherwise might not able to,” Grace Dickson ’20 said. “And who doesn’t love babies in costumes and seeing children’s faces light up when you give them candy!”

March 2

This past week, students celebrated a victory (go Lady Royals!) and did everything from engage in a refugee simulation to attend a talk by David Donoghue, Ambassador of Ireland to the United Nations. Keep reading to hear more about these things, learn more about our incredible mock trial team and see photos from cannoli night, the refugee simulation and the women’s championship basketball game. Are you thinking of running for student government? Get advice from Bella Dolente, vice president of the junior class, below!

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