C-SPAN Bus Visits Campus

On Friday, Oct. 5, the C-SPAN bus visited Scranton.

C-SPAN is a private nonprofit company with “a mission of making government more open to the people.” One way in which C-SPAN does this is through their C-SPAN bus program. The bus is currently on its 50 capitals tour.

The C-SPAN bus is a multi-media interactive experience and a powerful resource to learn about politics, especially upcoming elections.

C-SPAN’s goal is to provide political information in an interesting way. The bus is equipped with touch-screen computers that house informational videos about public affairs. It also offers interactive quizzes and a selfie station.

Students love that the bus is a fun and interactive way to learn about politics in an unbiased environment. C-SPAN aims to provide information, not to favor a political party. In today’s political environment it is more important than ever for college students to have a resource to access information directly from elected officials.

More information about C-SPAN can be found here.