May 17

Each week, our campus correspondents are out and about taking photos and collecting stories for Campus Corner. Read their articles and highlights below! Browse photos on Flickr.

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U of S Humans #USGRAD17

Senior Lauren Conniff runs the U of S Humans Instagram account. Read a Q&A we did with her in this issue of Campus Corner. Conniff recently interviewed several seniors to get their stories and she featured them on her Instagram account. Check out what they had to say about their time at Scranton below.


 Iggy Spreads Cheer on Dead Week

Students get a #ScrantonCoffeeBreak

April 12

Each week, our campus correspondents are out and about taking photos and collecting stories for Campus Corner. Read their articles and highlights below! Browse photos on Flickr.

Why D3: Celebrating D3 Week

By: Kelly Lappin
Last week, The University of Scranton celebrated Division III Week. Student-athletes shared why they love their sports, school and division.

“A D3 athlete means being a student-athlete. The word student comes before athlete showing how academics carry more importance than athletics,” said Nick Denniston, a junior on the men’s swim team, “Obviously while competing, we all want to win just as bad as a Division I or Division II athlete, but we also understand that we are at school to earn a degree and better ourselves as individuals”

Randy Shemanski, the athletics communications manager, also gave us his thoughts on Division III week and what it means to him, for others and the impact of athletics:

What does D3 week mean to you?
“To me, D3 Week is a chance to celebrate everything our nearly 400 student-athletes do in their sports, in the classroom and in the community. We often get caught up in the wins and losses, so it’s definitely important to understand that there’s more to being a student-athlete at the NCAA Division III than just the competition.”

How does athletics impact the University of Scranton?
“I think it gives our students something to take pride in and a sense of identity that builds on the outstanding academic reputation of the University. It shows that our students are able to be successful in many different avenues of life.”

Why is the University of Scranton athletics special?
“I think the sense of family and commitment to a common goal that everyone in University of Scranton athletics shares is extremely special. We have been working hard to build a culture around The Royal Way, and our student-athletes, coaches and staff have all embraced the ideals within The Royal Way and are working hard to make them a part of everyday life, both inside and outside of athletics.”

To learn more about the University of Scranton’s athletics check out their website, here, and see their photos with Iggy, here.

Prepare for the Future with the Center for Career Development

By: Kayla Johnson
It’s about that time, students. Time to find a job or an internship! So we did some research for you. We reached out to Chris Whitney, director for the Center for Career Development, to ask what students should do when searching for and applying to jobs, as well what online resources the center has for students to practice for interviews and find job postings.

Here are some of Chris Whitney’s job-hunting tips:

  •  Go to your network, all the people you know- family, friends, and alumni. Anyone they know is a helpful source for finding jobs.
  •  Start sooner rather than later because no one wants to be panicking in June.

We also delved into the importance of sites like Big Interview and when it comes to a shift from in-person interactions to online interviews. Here’s what Whitney had to say:

Big interview is an online mock interview program. Students need to become more familiar with the online interview. Companies, in order to save money, have started using the online setting for first and second round interviews. It gives students the chance to practice and become more comfortable with sitting down in front of a computer and helps them notice things they may have never seen before – like if they say “um”, get really red, or play with their hair. They can also send their interview out to get reviewed by anyone they want- alumni mentors, professors, or a career services coach.”

And, this is what she had to say for the resource,

“It’s an online career library where you can get all sorts of info about an industry or company. Also, it has information about the careers a student could be interested in and job-postings. It’s a great place to prepare for interviews.”

To find out more or try out these resources check out the Center for Career Development’s website, here.

Get Ready for Earth Day

By: Kelly Lappin

As we get closer to Earth Day, there are more and more events related to sustainability. Check out the list below to plan how you’ll get involved. Don’t forget to celebrate Earth Day every day!

Earth Day Events:

April 7 – Electric City Bike Event – Courthouse Square, 5-8 p.m.

         Students enjoyed a chance to explore the local downtown area while riding on bikes!

April 18-23 – Environmental Art Show – WML

Come enjoy a taste of culture and enjoy art centered around the environment!

April 18 – Earth Day Fair – DNP patio – 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

         Find out more about the earth you live on and how you can make a difference.

April 20 – Evening of Environmental Science – LSC – 6-8 p.m.

         Learn more about the environment and discuss changes that can be made for the better!


April 22 – Street Sweep – Hill Section, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. 

         The hill section of Scranton gets a makeover when students join together to clean up!

April 29-30 – Used Book Sale – WML

Make a change in the world by buying used books and saving paper!

April 29 – Kayak Trip to Susquehanna River

         Sign up on 2nd Floor DeNaples on April 12th from 12 p.m. – 2p.m.

Get the details and more info, here.

A Bucket List

We asked seniors what they want to accomplish before graduation. Here’s what they had to say. (Oh and also follow us on Snapchat at univofscranton!)