A Boardwalk Inauguration

On Sept. 21, Father Pilarz was inaugurated as The University of Scranton’s 27th President.

“I pray today and every day that all of us at Scranton will be preoccupied with love for our students and for one another. I love this place and I am so blessed to be back here with all of you,” the newly installed President Pilarz said, as he beamed from the podium in the Byron Center.

After the ceremony, students, faculty and community members alike made their way toward the Dionne Green for a very special boardwalk-themed reception.

Everything was just “beachy,” as you could grab limited edition President Pilarz beach tags, sunglasses and frisbees. Between the ice cream trucks, boardwalk-reminiscent fries and a live band that played Margaritaville, President Pilarz’ inauguration reception brought the joys of the beach to what would have been a cloudy Scranton day.

While the reception definitely made attendees and students happy, it is evident that Father Pilarz didn’t need the themed party to gain attention from the University community.

“I’m excited to have Father Pilarz as the school’s president after hearing so much about him as a Jesuit and leader for the past couple of years on this campus,” said Colleen Boyle ’20.  “He has already established himself as a bold presence and has been able to provide the University reassurance and celebration of our Jesuit mission and values. In the few weeks I’ve been back, it has become clear to me why many of my professors speak of his last tenure here so fondly.”

Sara Schaefer Brings the Laughs to Scranton

USPB Comedy presented comedian Sara Schafer on Sept. 12 in the Moskovitz Theater.

Schaefer is an Emmy-award-winning comedian and writer, famous for her MTV show “Nikki and Sara Live” and for her appearances on @Midnight, John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Best Week Ever and Inside Amy Schumer.

She lived up to her extensive list of credentials, as the entire theater was in laughs from the moment she stepped onto the stage. She brought a sense of togetherness through laughter about experiences college students share.

She poked fun at the trend of trite quotes painted on driftwood, hanging up in many of our peers dorms (but they only count if they have the words “dream”, “believe”, “sister”, “live”, “laugh”, “love”, “dance”. . . the list goes on). She also joked about petty arguing on social media, where posting about hating pizza one day, and then posting about liking it another day, can be a lightning rod of contention with those quick to label you a hypocrite.

She mixed current events and humor flawlessly, seamlessly combining laugh-out-loud moments and calls for social change in regard to our divisive political climate and the #MeToo Movement.

Find the USPB Event Calendar for more fun nights like these here.


Cones with Cops

Students beat the over 90-degree heat on Wednesday by enjoying Manning’s ice cream provided by the University of Scranton Police Department.

“You can never go wrong with free ice cream, but this event is also a good opportunity to get to know police officers on campus,” student officer lieutenant Kyle Kolcharno, ’20, said.

Officers, along with giving out ice cream, also gave helpful advice and information about personal safety, theft prevention, risk reduction and UPD programming.

“We want the community to interact with police officers and to participate in the programs,” Erica Armstrong, Operations Coordinator of the University Police, said.

Gaining familiarity with the police department is an essential way to guarantee a not only fun but safe school year ahead.


February 8

Each week, our campus correspondents are out and about taking photos and collecting stories for Campus Corner. Read their articles and highlights below! Browse photos on Flickr.

Winter Club Fair 2017

By: Kayla Johnson

winter club fair '17If someone happened to make their way to the DeNaples Ballroom last Friday, they could see the endless amount of clubs the university provides to a campus full of students.

The University of Scranton’s Center for Student Engagement hosted the Winter Club Fair, which was filled with a variety of special clubs and organizations. The event promoted the chance for the students to come and discover the clubs offered at the University. Students who love to write could join The Aquinas, the official newspaper of the school, or if someone wanted to promote sustainable practices at the University through various events such as the Earth Day Fair and the Night of Environmental Science, they checked out the Sustainability Club table, and if a student was intersted in serving the local — or global — community, they could join Circle K, which “follows in the footsteps of Mother Theresa.”

And, that’s just the beginning of the list of clubs that appeared the fair. Others included: Campus Ministry, Student Government, USPB, Women’s Rugby, Her Campus, and so much more. No matter what a student’s interest is there was a club for it. The Winter Club Fair was the perfect place to discover a new hobby, a new passion or even new friends.

Miss the Winter Club Fair? Check out the full lists of clubs on campus, here.

Social Media Ambassadors

By: Kayla Johnson

Anyone who has stepped onto The University of Scranton’s campus agree it is unique and beautiful in its own way. What better way to capture this beauty than with some amazing student photographers? Our newest members of the Marketing Communications team are our Royal Social Media Ambassadors. These students are out and about, capturing campus through their lens. So, who are they?

deferenza-portraitMeet Matthew DeFrenza, a senior English literature major from Brooklyn with quite the eye for photography, a talent reinforced by the 28,000 followers on his Instagram account. Check it out: the_sunday_photographer.

“I joined the University’s marketing team as a Social Media Ambassador because it gave me the opportunity to share my photography and to become more involved within the University community… I picked up photography about two years ago and it has been the craziest, most exciting adventure of my life.”

Here’s his favorite campus shot so far:


Next is Elise Molleur, a first-year environmental science major from Summit, New Jersey, who loves drumming, acting, writing and ultimate frisbee and is a part of Royal Harmony and in SJLA. On top of it all, she’s a great photographer.


“I joined the Royal Social Media Ambassador program because I have a passion for photography but wanted to balance that out with my academics; this position allows me to do that by encouraging me — but not pressuring me — to carry my camera around for opportunities to take pictures around campus. I’ve been into photography for a few years and hope to follow my passion as a hobby.”

Here’s Elise’s favorite University shot, so far:


gabe-portraitAnd, last but not least, is Gabe Azevedo, a psychology major from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who loves playing and watching soccer (the World Cup is his Superbowl). He has a passion for music; he plays the guitar, ukulele, drums, and sings. He likes to write songs and enjoys watching “mind-bending” movies like InceptionInterstellar and most recently Split.

“Today, everything we do involves technology and social media. Being that our generation experienced the transition into a world where technology is the foundation of our society, we are now integrated in this system. Social media is now the means by which we communicate with our friends and the rest of the world and it’s a very powerful medium that, when utilized correctly, can serve as a great way to connect and expand.”

Here’s his favorite picture of our wonderful campus:


See more of the Social Media Ambassadors’ photos, here.

Chat with Dean Rivera

By: Robert Bauer

You’ll see her at home games, campus events and even on Twitter. She is all over campus, but who is she?  Meet Dean Rivera, an important leader on campus and an integral part of The University’s administration.

RN: Who are you, and what do you do at The University of Scranton?

dean-riveraLR: Most people find it interesting that I pursued a joint degree in law and student affairs; in fact, I created the program at Penn State! The most important part of my role as the associate vice provost for Student Formation & Campus Life is serving as a student advocate for individuals and groups of students. More detail on my responsibilities can be found here: scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/dean/.

RN: How do you stay conneced to student life on campus, and what do you like to keep up-to-date with?

LR: Given my role as a student advocate, I do my best to be present on campus at student meetings, programs, and competitions whether related to clubs and organizations, Athletics, theatre and arts, etc. Each week, I select a few different events to attend – last week I attended Student Government, stopped by the Clubs and Organizations Fair, spoke at Orientation Assistant Training, and stopped by a Late Night Program! I’ll be at Late Night Bingo on Saturday Night; you should come out!

RN: Where can students find you?

LR: Students can find me on Twitter or Instagram @lscottrivera, in my office 201 DeNaples, or milling around campus! Sometimes, I’m tough to track down which is one reason I hold weekly drop in hours, a time when students can drop in to share a success or a challenge, seek advice, or simply say hello.

Dean Rivera’s bio: scranton.edu/studentlife/studentaffairs/sa-staff.shtml