March 8

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Rest and Relaxation: Spring Break 2017

By: Kayla Johnson

The much-awaited spring break is right around the corner — whether it’s going home to see the family, taking a much-needed vacation to a different country or state, catching up on sleep or using the break for “me time,” no one can deny that  we all have to release some stress and take a nice breather from the pressures of school and exams.

“For me, it’s about getting to see my parents and grandparents. And, my puppy,” said Brianna Johnson, a sophomore at The University of Scranton. “It’s basically about getting to be back with my family after not seeing them for a while.”

It could also be a time spent with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, as one junior, said. “I finally get to see my closest friends from back home, our breaks never line up so I’m going to use this one to hang out with them and reconnect,” said Nicole Borrelli.

You may be at an exotic resort, on a sandy beach,  sitting on the front porch of your house, or on the couch in your best friend’s living room. Anywhere you are this spring break, it’s about making the most of your time and knowing that it’s time well-spent.

Stay Updated: Men and Women’s NCAA Tournament

By: Kayla Johnson

This past weekend, both the women and men basketball teams made amazing victories and played some thrilling games in the first and second round of the NCAA tournament. The Royals traveled to Williamstown where they played against Oswego State. They took a stunning victory home that night after the team overcame Oswego with a 19-point rally in the second half for a final 82-77 overtime victory with exceptional plays by senior, John Vitkus, and juniors, Ethan Danzig, Drew Schankweiler and Chris MCullough.
The second round of the NCAA tournament showed a valiant effort made by the men’s team, but they fell to Williams, a second mounting comeback not in the cards for them.

Hope lives on, however, with the women’s team, who made a memorable comeback in the first round of the NCAA tournament against the University of New England in the Long Center. Bridgette Mann, a sophomore guard, made a three-pointer in the last second of regulation, which brought the women’s team to a “come-from-behind” victory, winning 49-48, and advanced them to the second round. The team then played SUNY-Poly where four players scored in the double-figures and stayed in a lead for most of the game.

Led by Bridgette Man, Alexix Roman, Sarah Payonk, Denise Rizzo and Mackenzie Mason, the team scored points right off the bench and played a strong defense against the Wildcats, propelling them into the third round of the tournament, which will bring them to St. Louis for a Sweet 16 rematch with the No. 4 Tufts this coming Friday!! #GoRoyals!

The Hunger Banquet

By: Kelly Lappin

Last Thursday, students at The University of Scranton experienced a “Hunger Banquet” run by the Campus Ministries. Just as in real life, some of us are born into poverty as others into prosperity, students were randomly placed in where they sat and what they ate.

“The hunger banquet was an eye opening experience and really put into perspective how fortunate I am, but also how many opportunities I hate to give back to those in my community.” –Justine Plummer ‘18

Many students were surprised at their “Hunger Banquet” experience and hope to spread its eye- opening message to others.

Learn about the Campus Ministries and their upcoming events, here.

Craft Night Out

By: Robert Bauer

Last Saturday, Residence Life and the Center for Health Education and Wellness (CHEW) hosted the Late Night At Scranton event “Craft Night Out.” Nearly 300 participants got their craft on and decorated mason jars, painted pictures and tie-dyed t-shirts.

“The turnout for this event was phenomenal,” said Steven DePrimo ’18, one of the event organizers.

Learn more about the mission behind Late Night At Scranton, here.


Women’s Health Research Panel

By: Robert Bauer

Last Thursday, the women’s studies program and the Office of Research & Sponsored Programs hosted a women’s health research panel, comprised of University faculty who work in women’s health on campus. Because “most medical research is done on men,” the discussion focused on important issues women face and the ongoing research to analyze and solve these problems.

“This talk shined a light on some things that aren’t really talked about a lot. Women’s studies, as they described, is very new in science, so I’m very excited about that and learning about all these things, especially having these professors in class. I know that they put a lot of work into it [their research]. I was very excited to see them all passionate about something that I share that passion with,” said Leah Colussi ’19, who is majoring in exercise science.

These topics included smoking relapse rates in women after childbirth, weight loss and gain in women, social and psychological influences on women’s health, and laws/policies affecting women. The panel was followed by questions from the audience and an interactive fair with several professors proving presentations of their work.

Learn more about the Women’s Studies program here.

November 23

Each week, our campus correspondents are out and about taking photos and collecting stories for Campus Corner. Read their articles and highlights below! Browse photos on Flickr.

Please note that Campus Corner will be on hiatus next week, but we’ll be back on Dec. 7!

Women’s Basketball Team Looks Forward to Season

By: Megan Castaldi

As 2015-16 Landmark Conference Champions, The University of Scranton’s Women’s Basketball team has high hopes for their upcoming season.

To kick off the 2016-17 season, the Lady Royals came out victorious over Mount Union with a score of 70-36 at the Chuck Resler Invitational.

Captain Sarah Payonk is a senior. “We had a great start out of the Rochester tournament 2-0. We have a lot of room for improvement as a team and hope to continue to improve and grow as a team,” she said.

Even though a couple of valuable players graduated, the team still looks to have a successful season.

“We have a good mix of young and old this year,” said Payonk. “We have some very talented freshmen stepping into major roles on the team, and have some incredible, well-accoladed players back. I think that we’re still building chemistry with this team but have a lot of potential this season.”

The team was pleased after the Landmark Conference released its 2016 Women’s Basketball Preseason Poll foreseeing the Lady Royals winning the Conference Championship again.

“Our team goals are to win our conference and to hopefully win a national championship,” said Payonk.

To learn more about the Women’s Basketball Team, click here.

A Sunday in the Life of Professor Strain

By: Kayla Johnson

Jack Strain, Ph.D., leads a busy life – five kids, teaching at The University of Scranton and writing his books (he’s currently working on one). Whether he’s watching his students battle it out during a debate in Logical and Rhetorical Analysis, teaching how to pitch a product in his Art of the Pitch class, working on one of his several books or running errands with his wife and children, he’s on the go. This is why Prof. Strain believes (very strongly) in using Sundays to get some must needed rest, surrounded by his family.

Take a look at how Professor Strain spends a typical Sunday at home:

Rise and Shine:

So, we get up around 8 or so and make a simple breakfast because my wife makes a huge delicious spread on Saturday mornings. Coffee is an absolute must, but not without some fresh bagels or doughnuts. I always like to take a look at the Sunday paper as well and catch up on my current events.

No Days Off:

Afterward, I try to work on some grading or work for an hour or two on my latest novel, Patton’s War, which I am trying to churn out before the summer comes.

Football Fanatics:

I am a big football fan, so during the fall and winter Sunday afternoons are devoted to watching my Philadelphia Eagles with my sons.  My wife, Julie, loves football too, but – sadly – is a huge Steelers fan.

Most Amazing Meal of the Day:

Both my wife and I believe in a big traditional Sunday dinner with the whole family.  Luckily for the kids and me, Julie does most of the cooking.  She is an amazing cook, so Sunday dinners include big roasts, stews and even Turkey dinners that she decides to whip up as a special surprise for everyone.

Prepare for Monday:

Nighttime is spent getting lunches made, kids squared away for school the next morning, then my wife and I like to chill out on the couch and watch an episode or two of whatever TV series we are powering through. This year we finished off “Homeland,” “Billions,” “House of Cards,” “The Americans” and now are working through “Shameless.”

Family Time:

With five kids and two demanding careers, life moves fast during the week but Sundays are about family and making time so my wife and I can relax, recharge our batteries and make “us” time whenever possible.