Summer of SEO

Since I was working with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the most rewarding part was seeing progress in my SEO efforts. There were many steps in improving the rankings of my website and seeing those efforts come to life was most rewarding. Seeing the rankings and impressions improve was not the fastest, so that would have to be the most challenging. Not knowing how everything you were working on would affect the overall improvement of your site- a waiting game. Eventually, I increased my website’s ranking and increased impressions (the number of times my website was shown in a specific Google search). I tracked this progress through Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Working with real-time data was a huge plus throughout this internship as well. Overall, I learned so much during my time with working on SEO and can take these skills throughout my future career.

Elizabeth Chostowski

One thought on “Summer of SEO

  1. Alex Pinarreta

    I completely understand the feeling of being rewarded with your efforts coming to life. It does take time to, the waiting games always the hardest to play because you want to see results right away but they do take time. I am glad to hear that you received a lot of great experiences from your internship, thats what these are meant for and i can only imagine how you will be able to apply these skills to your future career. It is always wonderful to see other students striving and doing well in their internships!


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