Coffee and Publicity

Saturday, The Leahy Community Health and Family Center arranged a benefit concert with three acts: Royal Harmony, Urban Beats Crew (a dance group on campus) and Octaves! This was our first gig of the semester so we were all pretty excited. Since it is early on in the season, we performed one song from our last concert, which was Chick Mix, along with the first piece we started a few weeks ago, Geronimo by Sheppard. The audience seemed to really enjoy our performance; I think this gave us a lot of confidence for our upcoming concerts. Our next one is on March 8th and I know it is going to be a blast. Octaves is combining with the West Chester Men’s A Cappella group for a concert which will include a collaboration song!

Earlier last week, our directors mentioned that Men and Women for Octaves (the name referring to both a cappella groups on campus) was in need of some new admin, specifically a Vice President and Publicist. Although I was hesitant about running, my friend convinced me to run for Publicist. I realized it would be a good opportunity to get a feel for what public relations is all about, especially since right now my dream career is to be a magazine editor. Long story short, I received an e-mail this morning; I won the position! I was so thrilled and of course, the first thing I did was text my mom. 🙂 Not only will this be a great learning experience, but it will be a way for me to become even more involved in a group I absolutely love.

This new publicist position isn’t the only thing that’s made me happy lately. I must admit my coffee craze has increased greatly this semester! Unfortunately, I don’t have any coffee to use for my Keurig since I’ve mainly used that for tea, so I tend to purchase this addictive beverage at the many sellers around campus; this includes Java City (located in the library and in Hyland), Starbucks (on the first floor of the DeNaples Center) and the Pod Market (also on first floor of DeNaples and next to the gym).

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.14.16 AM

Java City

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 2.17.21 AM

I consume a cup of coffee around every other day. After the first week, I couldn’t help but realize that doing so is quite an expense! However, what I began to notice this semester was the great deal of students who bring their own cup to Starbucks or Java City and drink their coffee in that. And no wonder why they do that…it’s so much cheaper! When a student brings their own reusable coffee cup of any size to Java City, it costs 50 cents and at Starbucks it’s only a dollar! Of course when I heard this through the grapevine I rushed over to the campus bookstore and purchased my own cup. This might have been the best decision I’ve made all semester. Ha ha!


Well on that note, I better go rinse this lovely beverage holder so it’s ready for tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!



Creating Men and Women for Others

There were of course many aspects of the University that drew me to apply last September, but one prominent aspect was the idea of being able to study at a Jesuit college. I attended a private catholic school for about seven years before heading off to a public high school, so the idea of being able to study at a school with an religious affiliation again was appealing and truly hit home. Coming to a university with hundreds of students with similar beliefs, morals and goals was definitely something I knew I couldn’t resist. I was reminded of this yesterday as two of my friends and I decided to celebrate Ash Wednesday at one of the four masses that were going on on campus. Services are usually held in the Madonna della Strada Chapel, which is just up the street, but this time was held in the ballroom of the fourth floor of DeNaples.

And no wonder why it was held in the ballroom; there was a plethora of students! Unfortunately, I’d be lying if I said I was a “perfect” Catholic that went to church every Sunday while I’m at school, but Lent and the Easter season is such a beautiful time I knew I couldn’t miss this special mass. While I was sitting amongst potentially one hundred or more fellow Royals, I couldn’t feel more at home, even at ease: the feeling I knew I would get being at the University.

In the first three weeks of this semester, I think I’ve noticed more than ever the incredible sense of community here as opposed to any other school. Every single one of my professors has been enthusiastic, warm and incredibly interactive. I hear appalling stories all the time from my friends back home about how their professors are impersonal, uninterested in their students or even down right rude. There really is a difference in the academics and instructors here at Scranton compared to any other public university. I know my professors are teaching not merely for their subject, but to encourage students to think outside the box. To think about how we are learning rather than to just receive a degree, so we can broaden our horizons to become all around better individuals in our community. The Jesuit ideal that is stressed almost everyday here at the University is the mission to create men and women for others.

We were reminded of this as Father Rick Malloy presented his homily. Although technically we should be bettering ourselves throughout the entire year, Lent is truly the season of giving, helping and opening up our minds and hearts for others. I am so grateful and lucky that I attend a university that strives to not just teach the best students, but to raise all around stellar individuals.

Until next time,

Catie 🙂

Freshman Year Part Two

Six weeks. Almost 2 months ago I was saying “See you soon!” to my roommate, friends, professors and everyone in between, ready to begin my long anticipated winter break! While most students here will say their vacation was fun but seemed to drag, I have to disagree. Six weeks is definitely a long time, but before I knew it, it was time to pack my suitcases for the second time and head back to Scranton.

We’re now on to week number two of the spring semester! Although I was apprehensive about having enough time to buy books, supplies and prepare for class, we were lucky enough to have a snow day on the FIRST Monday back! All the girls on my floor were saying we would definitely have a snow day, but I couldn’t help thinking, “Why would they want to cancel classes on the first day back?” Alas, when I received the morning call I was ecstatic and had absolutely no problem snuggling right back into bed. What’s even better? The fact that we had another snow day THIS past Monday! Two three-day weekends in a row; who could complain about that?

A concept most prospective college students look forward to is the idea of being able to pick their own classes; and I don’t blame them! Having the freedom to (for the most part) choose not just a class itself, but its time and professor, is awesome. Last semester, I had morning classes every single day. While it was nice to finish classes by noon, I always wished I knew what it was like to attend an afternoon class. Thankfully, I had no problem doing so this semester! I was able to pick two interesting courses that run from 2:30-3:45 and 4:00-5:15 PM. I finally have a sense of what going to class later in the day feels like, plus I’m able to sleep in!  As odd as it may seem, I’m incredibly excited to see where my academics take me this semester and I can’t wait to write more in my blog about my courses.

After a few weeks of being home over break, I started to miss quite a few things about Scranton. Most importantly, I missed a cappella! To no surprise, I was overjoyed yesterday when we had our first official Octaves rehearsal. It felt so great to be back singing with this amazing group of musicians, especially knowing we have an awesome song list for the spring. However, it is not only the songs that have me excited about this semester, but the many events we’ll be singing at, such as the campus Relay for Life and a collaboration concert with West Chester University! Being involved in the group was truly one of the best decisions I made last semester, but I hope to become even more involved on campus this semester—potentially joining the radio station or the school newspaper. 

Six weeks ago, I hadn’t put much, well really, any thought into how great this semester could be.  Now that I’m back, I feel nothing but motivated! Once again, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to share my experience with those reading my blog 🙂 Although it has only been a week, so far so good.

Until next time,