Freshman Farewells

Wow. Wow is really all I can say right now!

It is unbelievable to think that back in September I sat on my bed, dorm fully decorated and filled, to write my first post as a freshman blogger. And now here I am, seven months later, sitting in the same spot but in a half-empty, packed up dorm, typing the last post of freshman year.


This might be the hardest entry I’ve had to write; it has been quite the year! I underestimated how difficult it would be to capture, in however many words, my first-year Scranton experience. But if there’s one thing I can admit right off the bat, it’s that I am truly grateful for choosing Scranton as my home away from home. From the moment I took my first steps on campus back in August as an official Royal, I knew there was something about this place that set it apart from other colleges. And I can honestly say that feeling has been consistent throughout both semesters.

While this may come as a shock to those reading, I can’t say Scranton was my first choice school. Then again, I really didn’t have a top choice at all! As a high school senior, I was pretty lost when it was college decision time. It was not until the end of the summer, after I had a conversation with my mom, that I realized the University was the place for me (yes, as scary as it sounds I wasn’t whole-heartedly into Scranton until AFTER I committed!). I finally noticed how much the the school had to offer: a beautiful campus, good food, a friendly community, my major, music opportunities, service opportunities, etc. I’m so thankful that I was able to experience ALL of this and more! On top of that, I’ve met some of the greatest people, whether they were professors or friends, I know will forever have a special place in my heart.


I was lucky enough to spend some time grabbing coffee with my good friend Jim earlier today. Jim is currently a senior at the University who I met through Octaves, and although hanging out with him is always great, I know the conversation we had today will definitely stick with me throughout the rest of my four years here. Since we are on complete opposite ends of the school spectrum (I just finished my first year as he is about to graduate!), he shared with me his words of wisdom about college life. Jim reminded me how important it is appreciate absolutely everything, even the seemingly most boring of classes, and to take advantage of all the U has to offer. “It goes by so fast. College will change you, for the better of course. You’re going to be a different person when you leave and seeing what you become is going to be incredible.” It is surreal to think that in three years I’ll be in his shoes preparing for graduation. 

Although it’s only been one year for me, I already know what Jim told me is 100% true. I’ve learned a ton this year. I have learned so much about myself, about school, about those around me, about friendships, relationships, decision making, stepping out of my comfort zone, the importance of reaching out for help when it’s necessary, and being open-minded. But the learning really has only just begun! And as sad as I am to see freshman year come and go in the blink of an eye, I remind myself that it is still the beginning. My Scranton story is only 1/4th of the way done! It can only get better from here.

I can’t wait to see what sophomore year has in store for me! I hope everyone has an amazing, relaxing, fun-filled summer and I’ll be back to write in the fall. See you then 🙂 !



The Second Semester Stretch

Happy Dead Week everyone!

Well that sounds rather morbid doesn’t it? But no worries; dead week is the term used to refer to the week before final exams. It’s usually a time of no work, no exams, etc. allowing students to use the time to prepare for exams. Unfortunately, right now that is not the case for me! The end of the semester is quickly approaching and that means it is time for finishing up assignments, editing essays and making study guides.

With final exams right around the corner, there is no doubt that everyone is starting to become a little stressed. Thankfully the Center for Health Education and Wellness (the CHEW office) always organizes a number of de-stressing opportunities for students during Dead Week. These de-stressors are usually something along the lines of a yummy treat in DeNaples, free massages, or a meditation series. I’m hoping my friends will want to attend the Late Night Study Event on Thursday from 10-12PM since DeNaples will be offering two of my favorite things: pizza and smoothies! I can’t say I’ve heard of any other colleges that offer so much during such a busy time for students. Whether it’s eating pizza or receiving a massage, getting away from the hustle and bustle of exam preparation is always nice.

Thankfully for me the de-stressing fun won’t stop there. This Friday, Octaves will be taking a trip to a local movie theater to see the premiere of the one and only, Pitch Perfect 2! Although I haven’t seen the first movie full through, I’m still super excited to see this one. What kind of a cappella singer would I be if I couldn’t enjoy Pitch Perfect? Considering all of our events for the year are done, we have not had any practices this week. I must admit my Sunday and Tuesday nights felt a little empty! I know it’ll be a blast spending time with my amazing fellow singers outside campus, watching a movie they all have been absolutely dying to see.

But for now I must get back to my work! As difficult the next two days will be, I know I’ll have my fun soon enough!


Fun in the Sun: SpringFest!

Last weekend at the U was, hands down, one of the best weekends I’ve ever experienced here. To start, the weather has been beyond beautiful (So beautiful that I’m even starting to get a tan!). Like I’ve said before, I more than love being outside on campus while the weather is warm. The wonderful high 70’s was definitely icing on the cake for all the events that took place at Scranton!

The sun was out and shining on Saturday; just in time for Spring Fest! Every year, USPB (the University of Scranton Programming Board) hosts SpringFest, a day devoted to having fun in the springtime sun. The day begins at 2PM and and takes place on the Dionne Campus Green. From 2 o’clock on I watched the green gradually overflow with students (in a good way of course!). There were games, tons of food, bounce houses, and even a mechanical bull. I was skeptical of all this at first because I couldn’t seem to picture college students getting so excited about blown up obstacle courses and snow cones…and boy was I proven wrong very quickly! There was also a battle of the bands competition that began around 3:30 which included four bands featuring all University students.

But the day didn’t end there. At 8:30, the main event occurred: a visit from the famous DJ Earworm! My friends and I couldn’t believe this when we saw posters around campus, so we decided to stay and see how the concert was. Incase you’re not familiar, DJ Earworm is known for his yearly pop music mashups (Ex: In 2009 he released “Blame It On the Pop”, a song compiled of the top pop hits of 2009. Check him out on YouTube!) Since I wanted to pick up a free SpringFest t-shirt I earned, we were there a little before 8:30 and ended up standing front row! Aside from the little bit of shoving, it was the best decision we made all day. The music was AWESOME; the Green was filled with dancing University students all unbelievably excited to hear DJ Earworm’s music. Overall, the day was amazing and made me realize more than ever how much my school has to offer. And because so many students attended the event, I truly felt a part of an amazing and fun community. If only every Saturday could be like SpringFest!

Super close to DJ Earworm as you can see!

Super close to DJ Earworm as you can see!


All the students singing and dancing along at the concert!