Another Game of Catch

Once again, playing catch up!

My sincerest apologizes for my inconsistency this semester. It is very unlike me but I promise for better blogging in the near future.

However, on the bright side, I have so much to tell you all!

On November 6th, Octaves and Royal Harmony had the honor of singing in not one, but two campus events. At 6PM the Leahy Clinic hosted a fundraiser that was a little more exciting than a movie night or a couple of bake sales; it was a student fashion show! This semi-formal event was a night filled with music, food, raffles and gave students a chance to check out some stunning clothes sold by local vendors such as Modish and Pop It!. The event was held in the lovely new Occupation and Physical Therapy building, Edward Leahy Jr. Hall and, once again Octaves rocked their uniforms, perfect for a fashion show.


But the singing didn’t end there. A few hours after the fashion show, Royal Harmony and Octaves held their very first late night event on the first floor of DeNaples: Late Night Karaoke! We kicked off the night performing two songs then opened the floor to anyone wanting to participate. Of course my friend Kayla and I couldn’t resist, so we decided to have some fun with the audience and sing the classic song, Don’t Stop Believing! We also held raffles throughout the night for those participating for a chance to win Starbucks giftcards. It was awesome watching fellow students gain the courage to stand up and sing and just overall have fun clapping to the beat of the music with their friends. The song-filled evening was definitely a success and I can’t wait to host other a cappella late night events in the future!

Oh, we also got our t-shirts for the semester this week 🙂


Flash forward to this week, tonight was the last Aquinas production night of the semester! Although stressful at times, I love working for the Aquinas and could not imagine my fall semester without it. The editors have become such great friends over the past few months and are really an awesome group of students to be around.

I truly cannot believe how fast the semester has gone. Thanksgiving is already next week and before I know it, winter break will be here! I honestly do not think fall semester last year went by nearly as fast; it’s hard to believe half of my sophomore is coming to a close.

But, on a lighter note, this weekend I’ll be heading up to Chapman Lake and finally going on a retreat! The retreat I’ll be making is Manresa, which is one all about how your spiritual life plays a role in college and using your innate gifts to make a difference in the world around you. Although I’m a little bummed it’s the weekend right before break, I’m super excited! I’ve heard nothing but positive remarks about the Scranton retreats and, on top of it, my good friend Jen is one of the retreat leaders.

That’s all I have for now! Lately I’ve realized, how lucky I am to have met such amazing people here in the past year and a half. Sophomore year, among all the work, major questioning, etc, has led me to some rough points, but I’m incredibly lucky to know I have friends that are always there to keep me smiling. I’m sad to see the semester end because I won’t be around them all the time!

Catherine E. Bombard

Hi! My name's Catherine, but you can call me Catie and I'm a sophomore from Wayne, NJ here at the University of Scranton. I'm an English major, Communication minor hoping to have a career in publishing one day. I'm a member and the publicist of Octaves, an a cappella group on campus, along with being a writer and editor for The Aquinas, the student newspaper. Thanks for checking out the student blogs and I hope you enjoy hearing about my "Scranton Experience"! :)

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