Busy Weeks and Spring Break

I’m very relieved to announce that my 2 busiest weeks of the semester thus far are now over!
Between writing an 8 page paper or studying for 3 exams, I  was jam packed last weekend. However, I knew the hard work paid off when my teachers returned my grades. Good grades = a great way to start the week before spring break! Although my last essay and midterm this week were slightly concerning, I am relieved to say it all ended well! I could not be more content with the way everything has been for me this semester. I still can’t believe it is already spring break. I haven’t been home in about 6 weeks, so I’m undoubtedly ready to cuddle with my dog, sleep in my own bed and spend time with my friends and family.

But aside from my academic achievements, it was a very exciting week for the University women’s basketball team! Actually, it was an overall exciting season!

The Lady Royals made it to to the sectional finals of the NCAA Division III tournament. Pushing through an undefeated season, the Sweet Sixteen and finally, the Elite Eight. Even students who aren’t necessarily into athletics (such as myself) couldn’t help talk about this. You could feel the excitement and support from the entire student body all over campus! But despite their first and only loss, the Lady Royals had an unforgettable season, their final record being 30-1.

Another exciting happening was this Wednesday when Octaves performed at our first event! The event was called If You Really Knew Me and was organized by the Mission and Identity team on USPB (Scranton’s Programming Board). A representative from the organization Active Minds came to speak and perform, discussing topics related to mental health and mental health awareness. The night included performances by Urban Beats, Royal Harmony and of, course, the Octaves! We sang “Keep Holding On” by Avril Lavigne, in the style of Glee. Considering we are only a little over a month into the semester and have already learned our ENTIRE setlist, I’m incredibly proud of the group and eager to see where the semester takes us. I’m making sure to enjoy every second of singing I can, especially because 6 members of the group are graduating which means it is my last semester singing with them :(. Thankfully (well, I think thankfully..ha!), we’re jammed pack with events to sing at in April so the group will be able to spend tons of time together.

I’m now off to clean up my room a bit, pack and get ready to head home! I’ve been feeling happier and more grateful than ever lately to be spending my college years at Scranton. Each and every day I’m reminded of all the wonderful people in my life who make me genuinely happy, even during some of my most stressful times.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter everybody!

Catherine E. Bombard

Hi! My name's Catherine, but you can call me Catie and I'm a sophomore from Wayne, NJ here at the University of Scranton. I'm an English major, Communication minor hoping to have a career in publishing one day. I'm a member and the publicist of Octaves, an a cappella group on campus, along with being a writer and editor for The Aquinas, the student newspaper. Thanks for checking out the student blogs and I hope you enjoy hearing about my "Scranton Experience"! :)

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