Springing into Spring!


I hope everyone reading this had a relaxing, rejuvenating and overall enjoyable week. I know I did! Spring break was much needed and came at the perfect time. I basked in the luxury of not doing any work, seeing my adorable baby cousin, going to the gym, seeing my family, eating diner food with friends and watching Gilmore Girls. Although I would have loved to have just one more day home, as always, I’m glad to be back in Scranton.

The U usually gives its students two breaks: a spring break and an Easter break. However, because Easter came so early this year, we had both breaks in one. And, as I said, although I would have loved to have one more day home, I was thankful I could be home to celebrate Easter and attend mass with my family. My church at home has beautiful services for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Vigil that I genuinely look forward to. I couldn’t imagine not being home to attend those! The Easter season is a unique, revializting time like no other where I find my faith becomes stronger and stronger every year. Being able to attend a school that fosters my faith is something I’m incredibly thankful for.

Alas, we are now into the second half of spring semester!

The weather today, although a little windier than I prefer, has been sunny and warm. What a great way to start the week! I mean, even though it’s Tuesday. There’s nothing worse than waking up for my 8:30 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a gray sky and cold and windy weather. The best part? Not being bound by a jacket of course! Soon enough, spring will be in full swing. I’ve realized in the past year that spring might be my favorite season. As much as I love the crisp autumn, snow days in the winter and having no school in the summer, spring brings such a sense of renewal, revival and excitement.


So with my iced coffee in hand, I’m off to sit in one of the academic buildings next to a window so I can witness this beautiful progress of spring weather while still (attempting!) to stay on top of my work. See you next week!

Catherine E. Bombard

Hi! My name's Catherine, but you can call me Catie and I'm a sophomore from Wayne, NJ here at the University of Scranton. I'm an English major, Communication minor hoping to have a career in publishing one day. I'm a member and the publicist of Octaves, an a cappella group on campus, along with being a writer and editor for The Aquinas, the student newspaper. Thanks for checking out the student blogs and I hope you enjoy hearing about my "Scranton Experience"! :)

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