Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I can’t recall the entire quote, however, when I was scrolling through Instagram the other week I came across a picture with a saying that began with “Be the person who can make the most out of a Tuesday.” I absolutely loved it. The quote continued and overall was telling the reader to be the kind of person who isn’t always looking forward to the weekend, the weekdays away. With April in full swing and the end of the semester just around the corner, I could not agree more with such a statement. Despite all the assignments I have building up, I’m trying to make the most of every day.

Last Friday, Royal Harmony and Octaves were honored to sing the national anthem at a Railriders baseball game! For those reading who do not know, the Railriders are a minor league affiliate of the New York Yankees. NOt only did we get to sing the anthem, but had great seats for the game! Although the night was a little chilly (still not as cold as when we sang at 5am for opening day), it was a wonderful way to bond with the groups.

Octaves and Royal Harmony before singing the national anthem.

Octaves and Royal Harmony before singing the national anthem.

On another note (no pun intended), on Thursday night, Octaves rehearsal was a little out of the ordinary. Former member Will, who temporarily left the group due to a busy schedule, recorded us to create a preview music video of us! Our directors Jimmy and Genny thought it would be the perfect way for the group to gain some attention on social media and interest people in coming to our concert. We finished up all the vocals will be focusing on the video aspect this Thursday. Alexis, our social media chair and mics specialist, got a few shots of us being recorded! 

Me singing "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" by Meghan Trainor

Me singing “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” by Meghan Trainor

Two tenors, Ralph and Joe.

Two tenors, Ralph and Joe.

We have our next performance this Sunday at the University’s scholarship brunch. But more importantly…Sunday is my birthday! Just kidding it’s not necessarily more important, but it is indeed Sunday. And if all goes well my parents will be coming up to visit. Since they both work full time it’s definitely hard to find a weekend to visit, which doesn’t bother me too much; being the stereotypical college student that I am, I absolutely enjoy being away from home. But it will definitely be nice to spend quality time with two people who I love in the place I love most! Hopefully the weather agrees. 🙂

Catherine E. Bombard

Hi! My name's Catherine, but you can call me Catie and I'm a sophomore from Wayne, NJ here at the University of Scranton. I'm an English major, Communication minor hoping to have a career in publishing one day. I'm a member and the publicist of Octaves, an a cappella group on campus, along with being a writer and editor for The Aquinas, the student newspaper. Thanks for checking out the student blogs and I hope you enjoy hearing about my "Scranton Experience"! :)

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