Too Heavy to Fly

This place is purgatory, I’m sure of it; I’m in the Weinberg Memorial Library Learning Commons (that is a mouthful to say). It’s a sort of 24-hour room to study in and it is about 3:00 in the morning right now. I must have done wrong in my life because my behind is stuck here! Needless to say, I knew that I would not be getting much sleep heading into the evening. Anyway, we just had Spring break and Easter break is about to begin on Wednesday. Now if only I can survive until then, I will have some time to rejuvenate my eyes. I have been staring at this computer screen for far too long trying to study for my impending doom physiology test that’s happening (technically) tomorrow. Things aren’t looking pretty and I may very well leave purgatory and go down under if I don’t do well on this test!

In other news, Preview Day came and went on Saturday! It was pretty awesome seeing the sheer volume of students that arrived on Scranton’s campus to check out the school that they were accepted into. There was this one family that approached me after I finished speaking to a tour group and they told me that they had the pleasure of having me speak to them multiple times (they must have come to an open house and also came to the campus for a private tour) and they absolutely loved everything I had to say!!! Can you imagine that? This family actually remembered who I am. After they thanked me for making their college decision much easier, I felt so happy and touched that I could, in a way, make a difference in that accepted student’s life! If you are that student reading this blog, and you know who you are because it was your dad who talked to me a bunch, thank you so much for surely bringing me a smile and for giving me such a special moment in my life. I really hope to see you on campus during the fall next year!!

That’s about all I have for this week but surely stay tuned. Y’all will here from me again and I will let you know if I survive this week!

That Landlord…

Greetings and salutations, readers! Today is the second day of classes since getting back from Spring break and my, my I have to say I have been hit with a storm of work. This week I have to finish two papers and a lab report. Next week there is one paper due and I also have a Physiology test. On top of all that, I have the housing lottery to worry about! Let me break that down a bit for you. So each student at The University of Scranton who lives on campus enters the housing lottery. Let us say for example that the housing lottery will take place on March 31st at 5:00pm. Every student is assigned a random “time” past 5:00pm; for example, let’s say I was given the random “time” of 5:15pm, my best friend Bob was given the random “time” 9:00pm, and two other friends both receive 6:20pm. Clearly between the four of us, I have the best time. With that being said, I would be the one in charge of signing all four of us up for housing accommodations for the next academic year. These random times determine what time a person, by themselves, would otherwise be allowed to enter the housing portal and sign up for housing. I should also mention at this time that four years of housing are guaranteed, here at The University of Scranton 😀

Tomorrow all the rising juniors’ and rising seniors’ housing times will be released. Initially, I only had Bob in my group for next year but I was lucky enough that Marc Kramer and Alex Kerr also needed two more people to complete a four-person apartment. Soon after we get our times to sign up for housing, the actual housing lottery will come on the 31st; surprise, my hypothetical example is actually real!

Thursday next week actually starts another break: Scranton has Easter break in very close proximity to Spring break. I am very excited…to catch up on my mountain of work! In other news before Easter break hits, Preview Day is coming up on Saturday. Preview Day is an occasion that The University of Scranton invites all the accepted students into the class of 2019 to the campus so that they can get a better feel for the lay of the land. I’m very excited for this weekend. Admissions gave me the job of podium speaker, which means that I’m going to stand on top of a very large black box and preach to the masses. There will be mass tours given on Preview Day and rather than have individual tour guides, there will be large groups lead between five different tour stops, each with a “podium speaker”. Come by The University of Scranton and listen to me talk a LOT about science!!!

Spring Break

Hey all! It has been one heck of a week since I last wrote! To kick things off, let me talk about Parade Day. Parade Day happened last Saturday on the 14th and it was nuts. The school closed a little early a let the students go on Spring break but for those that stayed, they festively enjoyed the Scrantonian holiday. As for me, I was one of the few Resident Assistants who were on duty. Before my shift started at 2 o’clock, I decided to head down to go see the parade for the first time in my three years; a dear friend of mine, Olivia Warnero, took me there being that she wanted to see the parade as well and that I had no idea what I was doing! We went to a diner right before the parade started and I discovered one of the gems of Scranton: gravy fries. Yes. You read right (for those of you who have never had this delight). These were fries smothered in steaming gravy. I feel like the whole world opened up to me as I devoured these beautiful creations. After the diner, we went to the parade and although it was raining, Olivia and I had a great time. The parade was full floats, bagpipes, and seemingly important people who I didn’t know at all because I’m from New Jersey. When I became a little soaked from rainwater, Olivia and I decided to call it quits for the parade until next year. As we headed back to campus from the town square, we parted ways. Even though my celebration of parade day was ending, I could distinctly hear people overcome with the Irish spirit from their private homes in the historic Hills section. Needless to say, I glumly went on duty after I left the parade, but duty was brightened up because I got to watch Star Wars with my totally rad friend, Jolene Ranek! Can you believe that she has never seen any Star Wars movies?! With this treat, duty passed by a lot more quickly than I had expected, and then sure enough I was on spring break.

I left campus in the evening on the same day as parade day and returned to my humble abode in central Jersey, which apparently doesn’t exist to Jersey natives but it definitely does to me! After a day or two of being comatose due to the unreal amount of work I needed to finish before break, my friends dragged me out to New York City for the most epic city trip I have ever taken. What I hope will become an annual tradition was our great journey to the city for a pizza crawl. I went to the city with Will Silverio, Robert Dudik III (how cool is that that he’s the third RD??), and Ric Pychewicz; these goof balls are all high school friends that I’ve kept in close contact with since senior year at St. Joseph High School, Bobby and I roomed with each other freshman year. The crawl took us to five different dives in Manhattan and we each ordered one slice of pizza at each stop to peruse their wears. I thought that the best dive was this place called Patzeria; it had such a thick slice with toppings piled as high as mountains! A close second, although rated first in terms of cost, was .99-cent fresh pizza that had the best dollar slices I have ever tasted. There would have been three more stops on the pizza crawl but our trip coincided with the St. Patrick’s Day parade… It wasn’t the best strategic planning on our parts. Still, the whole trip was a seriously great time! I don’t think I would have wanted to spend my Spring break any other way than with some really good friends stuffing our faces with carbohydrates, sugary tomato paste, and processed dairy (that’s actually a sort-of inside joke but get in on it, look up Bane outtakes on Youtube – people make Bane say the funniest stuff!). Now all that’s left of my break is to catch up on procrastinated homework and Netflix binge. I really hope the latter doesn’t “accidentally” take priority.

The Eve of Spring Break

Just keep walking, put one foot in front of the other, and don’t look back. These are words that govern my being during trying times like this! This week could be considered a “hell week” because I have three tests yet to come before Spring Break hits starting Saturday. “What trouble are a few midterms?” said nobody ever. I started the week off with my English Literature professor basically stating: “Oh by the way, you have a midterm on Friday” to which I chuckled through a lone tear rolling down my cheek.

College certainly isn’t for the faint of heart; there will certainly be times where things can seem entirely stressful and that they could pile up really quickly. However, it is important for everybody to remember that it’s ok – that everything will be ok and that there is no shame in marching to a different beat. For example, an aspiring premed student does not need to get into medical school directly after their four years in undergraduate studies. Some students simply need to take a year or two in order to buff up their résumés and then they will be all set to apply to medical schools! The message that I am trying to get at is such that students should not feel pressured to complete school and get their life rolling so quickly.

Aside from talk about future and the like, tests are in the present for me and these are not the easiest tasks. It will be really easy for me to get stressed out quickly this week, yet I need to keep my cool in order to function properly. I often cope with stress by going to the gym with my friend Bob or shooting a few racks of pool in my residence hall’s lounge. The lounge is a nice place to go whenever I want to study or even just hang out with the residents in my building; it’s like a social watering hole.

On a completely different note, Preview Day is coming up and all the accepted students will be coming to campus to checkout their new home for the next four years! More to come about that special day, stay tune!