The Last Hurrah

Well my friends, this week marks the beginning of an end – my end, sadly. I am now a senior in my final stretch of college and while many of my colleagues are dreading saying the “S” and the “G” words (senior and graduation, respectively), I’m embracing it as my next step towards becoming a real person, or as much of a real person as I can be right out of college. However, it’s pretty frightening stuff when the only question that you get on the daily is “What will you do after college?”. I’m not sure I can answer that just yet with the utmost confidence but I can tell you my tentative plan is to enter pharmacy school to work toward becoming a pharmacist. Come on, the name Dr. Kwock sounds too freaking cool! Really though, I have a liking towards the chemical aspect of drugs and how they affect physiology. I suppose this affinity first started when I took organic chemistry during my sophomore year. Contrary to popular belief, I felt that the course was rather fun and that its lab was even more fun. Now in my senior year, I’m furthering my interest by taking biochemistry and pursuing my biochemistry minor though I have yet to declare it. On a side note, I should probably do that soon as there will come a point in the semester where senior will no longer be able to declare any other majors or minors of study.
Talk of biochemistry leads me into my next point: my classes for this semester. I’m taking some pretty nice courses at great times. You see, I’m really not much of a morning person so my earliest class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday begins at 11:00am. This gives me plenty of time to get up, brew my ritualistic morning pot of tea, and wake myself up out of slumber! As Wii Fit trainer likes to say, this is my way of saluting the sun (that was a half joke to all the videogamers out there)! So my MWFs are pretty nice but my Tuesdays and Thursdays are not so nice. My first class starts bright and early in the morning at 8:30am and I proceed to have three more classes sprinkled throughout the day with my last class starting at 7:30pm. It isn’t ideal but I very much appreciate my leeway for the majority of the week. I hope all of you are looking forward to your school years, I’m going to do my best to make this one truly memorable being that its my last. I hope I’ll look fondly back on my memories of Student Government. I know I already do in reflection on my time as a Resident Assistant. Yup, it’s true: this year I am not an RA. I wanted to live with my friends and not have to worry about RA duties, though the connections I built with my residents are invaluable to me. As far as Student Government goes, I’m going to head into a meeting on Friday and it’s sure to be a big one. Am I ready to handle the grueling meeting? Stay tuned for the next addition of the meditation of a life of Chris Kwock!