Sweeping of the Streets and a Wonderful Weekend

Hello and welcome back to the average literary stylings of Chris Kwock! Today I’m writing to you about an event called Street Sweep that happened just this past weekend! This was a Student Government-sponsored event where hundreds of students arrived in one of The University’s parking lots, volunteering to clean the streets and beautify the surrounding community. Each senator in Student Government was assigned a few participating clubs to lead these groups! My team did a fantastic job cleaning up Monroe Avenue and Hitchcock Court – we did it in record time! The event started around 11:00am and ended at about 2:00pm. Once that whole cleaning job was finished, I cleaned myself up just a bit and headed out to the gym underneath my apartment. Unfortunately I was working legs and abs. Let me pause right there and emphasize that: I was doing LEGS and abs. How many of you hate leg day? I’m certain a lot of people loathe this day with all their hearts as much as I do. This day has to be an invention of the devil because no person that’s right as rays will willingly say “Hey y’all! What a fantastic day!!!! Let’s go work some legs and smile through the whole workout!!!!”. Ok, end rant. I apologize you all had to witness that but I’m sure you can tell my affection, or lack thereof, for working out legs. Anyway, as soon as my torture ended at the gym, I met up with my girlfriend, Amanda Jacobs, and we went out to dinner downtown at this super fancy restaurant called Posh. Like, we both dressed up for the occasion but I don’t think I dressed enough for this place! The service was fantastic and we had a blast there. Not to mention Posh was hopping when we got there – there must have been a party that booked the place because there were guys in fresh tuxedos and girls in gorgeous dresses! It’s always an adventure whenever I head into the downtown area because I honestly never know what I’m going to find. Really. I never know. Ever. That concludes my short bit about my weekend; I hope all your weekends were fantastic as well!  Stay awesome awesome people 😉

FALLING for Pumpkins

Howdy everybody! So It’s October and things are starting to get a bit cold up in this place! Already the leaves are turning different colors, I’m begging for daylight savings to come so I get my extra hour of sleep, and I’m PRETTY sure I can sense pumpkin spiced lattes coming around the corner. Personally I’m not that big of a fan (which I have received chastisement in the past about the excellence of this drink) but if that’s your cup of tea, even if it isn’t actually tea, go for it! You know, in 2013 according to Statista, U.S. pumpkin consumption was at 4.2 per capita. Also in 2013, the U.S. census recorded 316.5 million US citizens. Multiply that out, and there were 1,329,300,000 pumpkin deaths in 2013. That’s a lot of dead fruits at the hands of Americans. There should really be an awareness campaign about this, like a day where people carry around pumpkins. Or….we could make a holiday out of it where we slay more pumpkins and carve fun/cute faces into them and put candles inside them! Hey, there’s already a holiday for that called Halloween! Boom. Excellent segway. Haha in all seriousness, I highly doubt my statistical inference is correct, please don’t cite me in scientific literature; I don’t want to be the butt of scientific mockery. Anyway, Halloween will be upon our doorstep before we know it – and so will small humans asking for candy or a prank! I’m very excited for Halloween. Ever since freshman year I have always participated in safe trick or treat on campus. It’s an event where a bunch of rooms within residence halls volunteer to give out candy to little kids who sign up for the trick-or-treating event! So if anybody would like to sign up, your’s truly will be volunteering! Stay tuned for more updates to the event (if said updates come!).

Very, very small side note: Student Government will be holding their semiannual event Street Sweep! I will be one of the zone leaders leading out a group of people to clean up Scranton’s streets in an attempt to beautify the city. Have some free time? Stop on by!