Time the Great Equalizer

Hey all, I do sincerely apologize that I haven’t written in quite some time. The past two weeks have been a non-stop sprint to the finish in terms of work. We’re coming down to the very last weeks of the Fall 2015 semester and professors’ tests and papers conveniently fall on the same days as each other. With that being said, I have my Invertebrate Biology lecture and lab papers due soon, not to mention my Greek Literature and Mythology paper is sort of on life support. It’s sad actually haha but I’m not the least bit daunted! Still feeling super motivated. All the recent events that have happened in my amusing time here at The University of Scranton have made it very worth while.

Last week I attended a lecture that was given by an award-winning economist named Dr. Susan Athey. She is an Economics of Technology professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business and she came to The University of Scranton to offer her experiences on her research about “The Internet and the News Media”. The lecture happened Wednesday last week and it was very interesting for myself as a Biology major to attend a primarily “business” event. There was also incentive for me to attend this event in the form of extra credit, courtesy of my microeconomics professor but besides that fact, I had a great time! I enjoy how easy and non-segregative interdisciplinary learning at The University can be.

In more recent news, today I was reminded once more how old I am and that my graduation is coming eerily closer. Today was senior portraits day for me, though others from my class have made appointments to get their portraits taken throughout this week. This is usually a happening of seniors at The University of Scranton where our portraits are taken and placed into our yearbook, along with fond memories. I can remember that it was only yesterday that I was a freshman thinking “Wow I don’t have to worry about getting my class ring for two more years during my junior year. That won’t happen for a while.” Once I blinked, three years sped past me and now I have already had my class ring for well over a year and it’s become both a symbol of triumph and defeat; triumph in the sense that it embodies all my greatest accomplishments during my time at The University of Scranton, but it is also one defeat because though one may think that there is more than enough time to accomplish all they wish to do, I am painfully reminded that the end of my time at this school is coming and I have to say goodbye to a lot of people in the best way that I can muster come May 2016. If any of you reading this are in high school and are about to head into college, take my advice and do everything that you want to do in the best time that you can because soon enough it will be your turn as well to graduate and move on to greater things. I thought I had all the time in the world as a freshman starting college to fulfill many of my desires but it appears as though time has been able to sneak a few semesters by my watchful eye without my noticing.