T’was the Eve Before Finals: By Jimmy Buckley

Hey all, I just wanted to share this little gem with all of you. My friend Jimmy Buckley wrote it and I helped him out a little bit while we were both at our job in the Office of Admissions. So if you would like a fantastic laugh, give it a read!

T’was the eve before finals and all over campus,

Starbucks was flowing and stress has run rampant.

Study guides were posted in emails with care.

In hopes that the end would soon be there.

Students were rattled, sleepless and dead.

While Nightmares of failures ran wild through their heads.

Tutors with their knowledge and computers on their laps,

Had just settled down for a pre-finals nap.

When out on the green their arouse such a noise,

It was the sound of delirious freshman Fitch boys.

Away from my desk I crawled slowly to bed.

Threw over the sheets and covered my head.

Dust on my textbooks from semesters ago,

Paying homage to information I surely did not know.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear?

A gift from my RA, and the test from last year.

With a blue ball point pen, caffeinated and shaking,

I knew that the opportunity was mine for the taking.

Quickly I jotted, scribbled and flew

Channeling energy I wouldn’t renew

Now Coffee! Now Sugar! Now Monster kick in!

On Adrenaline*! On Red Bull! On thought process within!

To the top of the library, to the end of the halls,

Type away, Type away, Type away all!


As the sun began to rise, I knew dawn was approaching.

Surely my soul would soon need coaching.

A bagel I grabbed and one more coffee to boot,

I quickly saw it would all be for moot.

As I walked in the class, friends I did see.

Looking back with hopeful smiles at me.

The teacher, careful and slowly she walked in.

A wry smile we saw turn into a grin.

I replied with a smile, she knew I was faking.

Little did we know an open book test we’d be taking.

A huge sigh was released, a collective breath we took.

Thanking the presence of this grade saving book.

So good luck to all, and some sanity too.

For finals week is upon us, may we all make it through.



Special thanks to Chris Kwok, Maddie Hogan, Megan Fleming and Joe Flanagan for helping me out when words didn’t seem to rhyme.

Adrenaline* was replaced to censor a particular word, of who’s use I do not condone


It’s almost over!

Hey there again! It is almost time for me to send off my last fall semester at The University of Scranton with a bang. I can’t think of any other way to do it than to type twenty-two pages worth of research papers. Really. I can’t think of any other way. It was actually quite fitting. So for the past week, it was dead week at Scranton. Dead week is known as the week right before finals where professors are not allowed to give students any sorts of exams so it gives up plenty of time to study for our impending doom finals. However, they didn’t say anything about paper due dates so I guess you win some and you lose some….

Whatever, it’s not going to get my festive spirit down! A couple of exciting announcements: first, the Christmas tree is lit and the students are bringing in the festive cheer. At The University of Scranton, we have a campus lawn called the Dionne Green where there is an amphitheater. Within that stony enclave, the school always sets up this HUGE pine tree for the winter break months and decorates it with all these festive lights and ornaments! It’s got to be one of the coolest things. I personally find a reprieve from all my work in the fact that that tree is so darn awesome. On the other hand, that’s not the only thing that let’s the students relax. Just recently a bunch of my senior friends, who are in band, celebrated their last Noel Night. This event is a special night where all the band members get together and play holiday songs. It was open to the public so if you did in fact miss it this year, have no fear, for they put on this event every year!

The second thing I wanted to announce was the fact that I will indeed be here at The University for intercession! Let me explain that: for those of you who may or may not have read my blogs in the past, intercession is Scranton’s winter break and during this time the school offers classes that students can take to get ahead, re do a course, or even take just for fun! So starting the first Monday of January, I’ll be back on campus to take Anatomy & Physiology I. This was sort of a last-minute decision as far as post-college career planning goes; I need A&P I and A&P II as prerequisites for my application to pharmacy school. Oh. That’s another thing: I’m applying to pharmacy school. Not sure if I told you all that, but there you go! It’s an exciting time for students at Scranton right now because we are on the eve of finals week and the tension is certainly there as students rush to finish last-minute papers and study for their finals. I was certainly super busy finishing all my papers of the weekend. I banged out a fifteen page paper in just three days last week!