The one about coffee.

As I walked groggily to The Estate for my shift on this cold and crisp morning, pangs of anxiety ached in my heart with each step I took. Did I forget to submit an assignment for the online course that I’m taking? Was I late for my shift? No, I couldn’t possibly be late; I checked right before I left the apartment and I had at least fifteen minutes to spare. Did I forget something? Instinctively I grabbed at the outside of my left coat pocket for my phone and slapped at my right jeans pocket for my keys. Turned out they were both there. I can be such a creature of habit. I brushed off this feeling of alarm and trudged on through the morning air and shifted my attention elsewhere. I watched each breathe that I exhaled as the heated air instantly vaporized into smoke and was reminded of the biting cold at my lungs.

Soon enough I arrive at The Estate and felt the relief of the warm front of heating that passed over me. I began my habitual ritual: unpacking, getting my work uniform, bringing my books out to the front table and making myself a coffee. Grabbed an empty large cup, tore open three packets of “Office Snax” sugar, let the creamer richly flow, and filled the empty vessel with piping hot coffee. This practice of making coffee at the start of my shifts has turned into a sort of witchcraft or sorcery. It’s as if I’m assembling another living person. First you select the size of this new creature. Once you are satisfied with its shape, you give it its defining characteristics and charms that range from the sweetness of flavor swirls to the sharp edges of espresso shots. After your coffee’s personality is complete, fill it with its soul by pouring the coffee. The poured coffee brings the entire drink together and makes it come alive with excitement or melancholy, depending on how you have constructed your little angel or abomination (truly, some people experimenting with coffee can make the weirdest little creations!). Some witches and wizards give birth to the blackest of souls – literally dark roast coffee or coffee without any sugar or creamers. I like mine with a little balance of this and that.

So, my journal entry started out with a sort of first person narrative about my daily happenings of intercession but it kind of devolved into my musings about coffee. Can you tell that I sort of really like coffee? Oh well, it was worth a shot. Maybe I’ll attempt a more organized and complete narrative next week when I write next. As for the present though, just to give some perspective, happy holidays to all! I came back to campus this past Sunday in order to start my intercession course. I’m taking Anatomy & Physiology as a prerequisite to pharmacy school. Thankfully for me this course is an entry-level biology course and I have been drilled with biology for three and a half years as part of my major and college career. I will be writing to all of you during this intercession time, as well as into the start of the Spring semester when the first Monday of February hits. Until next time!

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